Friday was officially the last day of college finals and it was the start of my break from my internship. Dakota and I also both got paid and I didn’t work all weekend so you could say it was a wonderful day! After my class got out at noon (which I might add it was one of the easiest days at my internship) I met up with Morgan and Tara and we went shopping 🙂 After we did a little bit of shopping we got some food at Chili’s and then I did some more shopping. I only had 5 days to get it all done and 5 hours later it was all done! I went home and wrapped it all and now our tree looks even more festive! While I was wrapping Jenny came over and we just hung out for a few hours until she went to go have dinner with her husband.

After Jenny left I called McKenna and we decided to go look at Christmas lights! I have been wanting to go so bad but you can’t really go alone so I was really happy that McKenna said she would go with me. We ate some pizza at my moms and then we were off! Our first stop was this amazing castle house!! It blew my mind. I couldn’t help but think how much the electricity bill was haha. The house had a giant teddy bear you could take pictures with and Santa even made an appearance. I asked him to take a picture and after he obliged I told him we were all going to jump in the air. He was really confused at first but then got super into it. The lady taking our picture was very patient because we had to take quite a few before it worked.

We continued on to houses that had light shows and synchronized music! It is amazing how people put some much effort and time into their homes! I am glad they do because I had an awesome night driving around looking at them all. The last house we went to was by our moms house and it was my favorite!! The music they chose to sync to their house was great and their light show was just amazing!! See below for the list of lights that McKenna and I went to. We started at the bottom and worked our way up!

735 Apache Dr

Washington, UT 84780
2183 Harmony Place
St George, UT 84790
445 West Heritage Dr
St George, UT
2123 W Sunset Blvd
Santa Clara, UT
2401 Arrowhead Trail
Santa Clara, UT
2081 Jacob Dr
Santa Clara, UT