Here is a look back on some of our favorite moments and experience this past year:
  • We went to Hawaii
  • We both got new jobs
  • Dakota got a new truck
  • We bought a kayak and a row boat
  • We moved, again.
  • We traveled to Alaska
  • We went to Washington D.C.
  • We went to Hoggle zoo
  • I went to Brenham Texas
  • Hiking in Zion
  • Fishing/Camping in Pine Valley and Enterprise
  • The day Dakota became a “fish molester”
  • Going to Disneyland and KnottsBerry farm
  • We lost our marriage license and had to get a new one
  • Dakota and Jayson’s “Maniversary”
  • When we paid our entrance fee to Pine Valley with only coins
  • When Dakota found a helium balloon
  • Dakota got a job with Fort Berthold Services and moved to North Dakota
  • McKenna got her license
  • Morgan graduated high school and moved out
  • I got an internship with Pine View Middle School
  • I started a year long original research project
  • We went zip-lining in Alaska
  • My sister had her baby, Logan
  • Attending the best murder mystery party where I was a guy
  • When missionaries tracked down our car and left their number for us
  • I had an allergic reaction to a mento
  • Forcing Santa to take a jumping picture with me
  • Paying off a lot of debt
  • Deer/Elk hunting
  • Our two year anniversary
  • Passing out while taking photos
  • Snap chatting my struggle to write a paper

To check out the full recap on some of these memories check out the bucket list tab!

Along with these memories, each year I make four resolutions that I strive to maintain throughout the entire year. I have mixed feelings about resolutions because I feel that if you want to change you should make that change right then, not at the beginning of the year. However, I do like the idea of choosing something to focus on for an entire year. Here were my resolutions and how I did with them:

Work: Leave work at work. I really tried hard on this one because I get burnt out so easily! Since switching jobs it was really easy.

Personal: Strengthen love. This last year Dakota and I really worked on our communication and doing random acts of kindness for each other. I would say we learned a lot and strengthened our love 🙂

Spiritual: Read scriptures every day and temple once a month. For the first few months I did great with these goals. Towards summer and the end of the year though I was not as disciplined.

School: Get at least B’s in all my classes. Success!

New Year’s resolutions has always been a weird thing to me. I firmly believe that if you want to make a change for yourself than you should do it right then. Not wait around until the new year so it’s a “fresh start”. The new year can be an easy milestone for people to start but if you really want to make a change for yourself start as soon as you make up your mind to change. Get someone who can be supportive and hold you accountable to your goals and you will do just fine!

Happy New Year!