meet my little sisters.

together these two keep me on my toes. morgan is brilliant and always reminds me that life is important and we should made the most of it. mckenna reminds me to think through someone else’s eyes before jumping to conclusion. and together they remind me that family is not a random design.

full name: morgan kay seay

age: 18

how would your friends describe you: “hard working, good listener, creative, outgoing. i don’t know ask them!”

majoring in: “just general education right now. i’m still trying to figure out what i want to be when i grow up”

hobbies: “i cook and bake a lot and i used to run in high school haha mainly just hanging out with friends having a good laugh and working. i’m always working”

proudest accomplishment: “graduating high school and going to state with my culinary competition team was a huge accomplishment for me. i had a lot of great experiences and met so many fun people”

exciting news: “i just turned in my papers for an lds mission and should be getting my call soon!”

something you have overcome: “sending my boyfriend on a mission was really hard. only being able to write letters and send packages has tested my patience a lot”

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full name: mckenna sheree seay
age: 16
how would your friends describe you: “talented, caring, beautiful, loyal, and probably a lot more haha”

what do you want to be when you grow up: “i want to be doing anything related to fashion. i don’t know what yet but that’s the area i’m most interested in.”

hobbies: “watching an insane amount of YouTube videos, online shopping, Twitter, jamming out to some good tunes, and last but certainly not least having a good time with my sisters.”

proudest accomplishment: “so far definitely making it this far in my junior year without failing a class. i’m honestly shocked i haven’t.”

something you have overcome: “getting out of my comfort zone. i still struggle with it, but as zoey sugg (zoella) once said ‘just say yes.’ remembering that simple phrase has helped me do things i never thought i would do before and has helped me make decisions that have bettered my life. ‘just say yes’ simply tells me to say yes to things i would normally say no too and to experience different things that i will remember for a long time. i am sure to say no to things that don’t fit my standards of course but now i am more confident to say and do things that i once wasn’t able to before.

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