what i loved about the past week

i loved mostly having my husband home from north dakota! being able to come home and talk about my day in person and then cuddle on the couch is a blessing i seriously used to take for granted.

we had a bunch of friends over for a bbq and games which never disappoints. we played heads up! which i highly recommend because it is hilarious! if you play with married couples play the “adult version” and make sure to record each round.

i also finished designing my new blog this week! it took me a long time to figure out what focus i wanted for my blog and what design i wanted so i am glad to have all that finished.

on sunday we made a huge fort in our living room and watched tv all day, ate pizza, and hung out with some friends. it was the perfect way to end the week.

what i’m looking forward to

spring break is next week and i cannot wait to be able to hang out with my family and sisters! we are planning on taking a trip up to salt lake to go shopping which will be perfect because i am in serious need of some style.

what i’m nervous about

my new blog. i really want it to be successful and fun. i think i am more nervous about not meeting my expectations as soon as i want them to be met.

what i’ve been daydreaming about

quitting my job. i know that sounds awful but the last few weeks i have not enjoyed being there at all. also going to europe with my husband! we are wanting to go in may for a couple of days so hopefully everything works out.

what i ate for dinner last night

iceberg chicken dinner. i had been craving it for so long and was so disappointed when i finally got it! the ranch was a new recipe (which i was most looking forward to) and the chicken was old.

what i’m craving

adventure! i really want to go exploring in the mountains or visit a different country and experience a new culture. also long luscious hair.

what i’m doing this weekend

unfortunately working. and saying goodbye to my hubs for until april.

what else is new

well my little sister should be getting her mission call this week. i launched life as a larsen. bought a fancy new camera and cleaned the bathrooms!

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  1. I got a Cannon DSLR T5 and it is great! It's so nice having something other than my phone camera. Iceberg is a little burger joint that is mostly known for their huge shakes but I like their chicken and fries! Except for yesterdays haha

  2. K I am so happy you linked up and I just absolutely love your new blog! I wish I could tell you that starting is the hardest part but it's not, haha. 🙂 Blogging is a lot of work and a steep learning curve but it's so rewarding!