Last week it rained in Saint George which means it snowed in Pine Valley! I absolutely love Pine Valley! It’s a beautiful place to camp, fish, explore. and the trees!! I love them 🙂 They are so big and green and it blows my mind that I can visit vibrant red cliffs, grand tress and lakes all in the same day.
I was dying to go up ever since I saw the snow on the mountain and I finally got a chance to go up!
My sister Mckenna came with and was nice enough to take a million photos of/with me
We stopped by the church house on our way out and Dakota started shoveling a walk way all the way up to the doors so people wont have to be knee deep in snow on their way to church. It’s a good thing he found it relaxing because there was a lot of snow to shovel.
He’s such a sweetheart, always thinking of others.
I got nailed by some snow that fell off one of the trees! It landed right on my head and went down my back.

seriously these trees!! i think i was secretly meant to live in the mountains.

I cant wait for the lake to unfreeze so we can go back for some fishing and hiking!