meet cierra larsen.

owner and designer of my fallen star. and also my sister in law! she just started this cute business so i asked her to do a quick interview with my for this weeks feature!

tell us a little about yourself: i am 26 years old and currently live in salt lake city but in may will be a resident of des moines, iowa. i have been married to my awesome husband, justin, for almost six years and we have three beautiful, spunky kids who are the center of our lives.”

what made you start my fallen star: “i’ve always loved to craft and take pride in making things opposed to buying them so it just made sense to start my fallen star since i was already making the clothes!”

how did you come up with the name:my fallen star is actually a name i came up with twelve years ago when i was just doodling. i promised myself i would use that name as a clothing brand if i ever started one.”

do you make all your products by yourself: “i do the actual making of the items but my kids are the official clothing testers/models. i also use their opinions when selecting fabrics and choosing different styles. they are a huge help!”

how do you find the balance between being a momma, wife, and business owner: “my family always comes first so i try to schedule time for my business around their schedules. when my older two are in school and my youngest is taking a nap, i use that time to cut patterns, answer emails, advertise, and send out orders. after they are in bed for the night is when i do all of my sewing. my husband studies around that time so it works out perfect for us.”

what are you most excited about with your new shop: “i am having a lot of fun meeting other small business owners. we help each other out with advertising and giveaways. it’s truly wonderful working with all of these wonderful ladies.”

what are you most afraid of: “i’m always afraid that no one will like the styles as much as i think they will and that nothing will sell. i always have hope that others will appreciate what i offer and will want my designs for their own families.”

what are you goals for my fallen star: “i would love to expand in a way that would allow me to offer different items such as screen printed tees and shoes.”

any else you would like to share: “i would like the thank everyone who has helped me get my fallen staroff the ground. i am so humbled by the amount of support that has been shown for my little shop by my friends and family. thanks everyone! it means the world to me.”

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