noun [shop-ing]: the act of a person who shops
Over spring break my mom, sister, and I drove up to Salt Lake City so that we could have a day full of shopping! We woke up early Tuesday morning and made a quick stop at Mimi’s Cafe for breakfast before heading to city creek.
On our way we saw this fabulous building with bright purple and pink walls so naturally I forced my mom to pull over so we could take some pictures.

Her face after I told her she was heavy (side note: she isn’t i’m just really weak)

We kept joking that we were outside of a strip club because no business would actually have colors that vibrant. Either way I loved it and I thought it made for some fun photos!
We did eventually make our way to city creek where we shopped for hours and had lots of much needed bonding and styling before heading home.

Anchor shirt: Styles for less $12.99
Black cardigan: Target $14.99
Black pants: Urban Couture $21.49