You know how you have those every day items that keep your life running smoothly that you could never live without?? Well here is a list of mine! I have quite a bit so this with be a 3 part series of goodness 🙂

1. Doterra Deep Blue Rub
This rub saves my life on a daily basis! My right shoulder/neck get so stiff by the end of the day from stress (or bad posture) that sometimes it will even burn or give me headaches. But with a little bit of Deep Blue it relaxes my muscles and my mind! I only have to apply it the one time and I am fine the rest of the day! Also, a couple drops of lavender oil on my pillow at night helps relax my mind.
If you get stressed or have tense muscles often I highly recommend getting it from your local Doterra seller.
2. Lush Bath Bombs
Lush Cosmetics is an entirely natural cosmetic company that believes in making everything from completely organic and fresh produce. They are so strict to their values that none of their third party vendors can have any association with animal testing. To here more about their products and how they got started check out their website here.
There bath bombs are my absolute favorite!! Every single one smells amazing and each one has a purpose. Some give off scents to relax you or give you energy and some simply give you amazingly soft skin!
Once you place your bath bomb of choice in your tub it immediately fizzes creates a beautiful image of swirls, colors, and scents! Watching it diffuse is probably my favorite part. How could you not want to take a bath every night? I also put on a face mask while I soak in the tub which makes for a perfect evening!
3. Younique Mascara
Okay if you want full, long, natural looking eyelashes but don’t want to spend a ton of money of getting fake eyelashes Younique is for you! I already have pretty good eyelashes but this mascara makes them so much fuller and I can’t get enough.
See the difference?? It costs about $30 for a set that lasts you at least 3 months. It is really easy to use and all you are doing is enhancing your natural beauty! Love, love, love! Check out their website to see more of their products and to find a salesperson in your area!

4. Tide to Go
This one seems really silly but this little stick has saved my outfit enough times for me to always have one in my purse! It’s so simple to use and you can always have it on you. Plus this little guy lasts so long! I have had the same one for 4 months and have yet to get a new one. Go Tide!
5. Selfie Stick
Oh YES!!! One of my favorite things ever is a selfie stick! Judge me all you want but this bad boy has really upped my photography game. I can take large group photo selfies, go exploring by myself, and I always convince people that it really isn’t that ridiculous after they see how good the photos turn out.
They are super cheap and so easy to use. So go to your local Target or check out Amazon and get your selfie on!
See you next week for 5 more of my favorite things!

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