Project Cambodia 2015 is a campaign Land Over Yonder launched in March to raise funds to build a school in Cambodia. Their goal is to build a school house filled with the necessary equipment and supplies for children to have a quality school environment. The school will have three rooms that will be used to teach hundreds of students in 4th-8th grade.

Other than land, wood, and books LOY will also be funding the desks, pencils, notebooks, teaching staff, and uniforms for each student. In their previous projects, LOY has learned that they can further help the overall economy in Cambodia by hiring seamstresses to make the uniforms rather than just purchasing them. This way they are creating even more jobs and a sense of accomplishment in the community. Along with the school LOY will also be sponsoring the education of students for their entire first year!

In order to accomplish such a huge accomplishment LOY needs to sell 2,015 of their hats with all proceeds from their sells going to the project until they reach their goal. Ideally they need to sell all 2,015 hats by May 31, 2015 in order to have everything completed before monsoon season.

You can find their hat designs here and to watch the progress of the project check out their website here. Use my promo code WELIKEYOU25 you will save 25% off your order.

To hear more about the motivation behind the project as well as the Land Over Yonder founders check out this exclusive interview with Gage Miller.

“Their struggle is actually very real, and so is our ability to help out.”

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  1. I love this project. So awesome. Stuff like this puts me in my place, and then makes my heart warm and fuzzy to know Gods children are looking out for each other. Definitely going to help how I can, including saving for one of those sweet hats 🙂 how did you find out about them?

  2. I was in student government with Gage my first year of college and just learned about the company and we became good friends. So when they launched their project I asked him if I could feature him!