meet gage miller.

One of the two co-founders of Land Over Yonder. Twenty six year old Gage is a business and graphic design major from Saint George Utah who enjoys music, traveling, being outdoors, and helping out others. Along with his good friend Scotty Hoopes, Gage has successfully made his college assignments and designs become a reality.

What is Land Over Yonder?
“Land Over Yonder is high quality products and apparel designed by us as well as special designers we personally know. All of our designs are original to us and can’t be found anywhere else. We have spent a lot of time finding partners that share in our vision of helping less fortunate children receive an education. We believe that we have the ability to help those in need so that is what we are doing.”

What products do you sell?
“We currently sell snap-back hats with many different designs each one inspired by places around the world. We are also currently in the process of expanding our product line and coming up with new designs to launch in the near future.”

How did you and Scotty meet?
“Well we met in middle school and in high school became really good friends. We played sports together and then in college we were in the same program and had lots of classes together. We discovered that most of our curriculum was very hands on where we had to create marketing plans, social media plans, financial plans, and all this other stuff for mock companies. One day Scotty was just like “hey, we are already doing all of the work why not do it for a real company” and so started Land Over Yonder.”

When did you start LOY?
“2012 was when it officially launched. With us both in the business and graphic design program and being so accessible to all the resources we needed to actually start a business it just made sense. All of our assignments kept us motivated to stick with it so here we are today.”

What made you decide to create a business?
“Like I mentioned before it was pretty easy for us to create a real business since we were doing all of the work already for mock businesses. What really started the fire though was when I took a trip to Cambodia. I was building further relationships with the community and seeing how we could help their economy as a whole and didn’t see a reason not to do it. At the same time Scotty was reading a book written by the founder of TOMS and we both just sort of new that this could be a genuine thing that could change lives.”

What makes you different from any other company?
“What makes LOY unique is that rather than outsourcing the production of school uniforms to get them at a cheaper price we use our contacts in local villages to find seamstresses and have them create the uniforms we give out. By doing this we are able to stimulate the local economy and create jobs as well as help the children that need school uniforms. This then enables children to get an education, progress, and give opportunity to break out of the cycle of poverty that they are in. The relationships we have built with Cambodia is something no other company has. We’ve built connections and have a mutual trust where they know we are there to help and we know they are willing change.”

What are your goals for LOY?
“Our long term goal is to eventually have two different companies. One being nonprofit and the other being for-profit. The for-profit company will sell the products to fund the non profit company which will then give the means to build the schools. We would also love to be able to fund youth groups to come out with us to help build the schools and help teach.”

Tell us more about your Cambodia Project.
“In 1979 dictator Pol Pot was killing anyone who was showing more potential than simply running a farm. He wanted to control everything and everyone so he took out anyone that could potentially be threatening. Once he lost power in 1982 the country was corrupt and broken and all of their potential leaders and motivators were taken out; they were stuck. So when I was over their serving a church mission I had the opportunity to meet and build relationships with the people and see how much they could evolve and grow. I also saw how important the need for education was and saw the desire the learn in the youth and thought that I could help. These kids really could benefit and grow so to be able to give them those opportunities, how could you not give it to them. Cambodia Project 2015 is just that. Giving back to a community that has the desire to grow but no means to. We are going to build a school with all the supplies, teaching staff, etc. in order to give the children a chance to educate themselves and regrow the economy. But in order to do so we need to sell 2,015 hats to pay for all of the necessitates so that is how we launched this project. We have all of the means to do it we just need the help from our community to be able to fund this campaign. Once we meet our goal we will build the school, fill it with all the essentials, and sponsor the first year of students.”

To see their progress check out their blog here and to hear more about the project click here.

What is your motivation?
“Simply the fact that we have the ability to do good and actually wanting to do it. Scotty and I have both personally seen the benefits of seeing someone’s life change for the better and each of us have the potential to make a difference. That is the force behind this company.”

Anything else you would like to share?
“If I can encourage you to do one thing in your life it would be to try and change the world, in any way possible. There is a quote that says, “The world is a bigger place than we realize. There are billions of individual people with their very own likes, dislikes, personalities, opportunities, and beliefs. Among all of us unique individuals there is a common truth, we all have needs. But some need a hell of a lot more than others. Their struggle is actually very real, and so is our ability to help out.” That is exactly what we are doing at Land Over Yonder; we are acknowledging our ability to help those in need grow and change and we are actually doing something about it.”

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