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What I loved about the past week
Well lets see! I cleaned my house which is always nice. Not just a simple tidy up the living room either. Like dusted, mopped, toilets, tubs, everything! I have also been trying really hard to keep my house clean since deep cleaning it so we will see how long that lasts. I got to go to lunch with my friend/cousin and catch up on everything going on with her which was much needed!

Saturday I got off work early and went to my friend Carries bridal shower. I showed up way late and everyone was pretty much leaving but I still ate some food and hung out for a bit before going to the park with my other friend Shay and her son Sajen (who is simply adorable!)

Then on Sunday a bunch of friends came over for dinner which was a ton of fun! We just ate food, talked, and watched Monsters University. I’m also doing a giveaway with Land Over Yonder this week so if you haven’t already go check out my Instagram {@chandlerlarsen} and join in the fun!

What my latest obsession is
Ummm I’m not really sure. Probably having a clean house and finding new bloggers and Instagramers to follow. I know, I’m a creeper.

What I’ve been daydreaming about
My husband to be home! He comes home April 8th which seems so far away but it really isn’t. I’m not entirely sure what we are going to do yet but we find something fun to do. It will just be nice to have him back again for a week 🙂

What I’m craving
A big social gathering with lots of friends and laughter and fun! I get together with friends every week and we have so much fun that I just want to share it with so many people. Who wants to plan a big party?

What I’m watching
Still Gilmore girls and a whole lot of Disney movies!

What I’m listening to
During down time I put the alternative 90’s Pandora station or the Josh Vietti station. It just good music to have on in the background and it brings back every 90’s kid childhood!

What I’m doing this weekend
Other than working we are having our adult Easter Egg hunt this weekend! I am not sure how it’s going to turn out but I have a feeling it will be the funniest and maturest thing I have done! I will make sure and do a post about it to share with everyone.

What else is new
I was catching up with one of my old coworkers the other day and naturally my current job came up and she told me that Sunrise was hiring and that if I could commit to a year of working there we would take me back! It was really nice to here – especially since that was a job I really enjoyed – but committing to a full year is holding me back a little. Dakota and I talked a lot last night about it, you know weighing the pros and cons and thinking about our future, and we haven’t come to a conclusion just yet. So some personal thinking and evaluating is definitely in my future!

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  1. An adult Easter egg hunt sounds awesome. You are so much more social than me when your husband is gone haha… Colby is always at work and I don't do anything!

  2. NO WAY… an adult Easter egg hunt? That sounds like so much fun! I want to do something like that now! I hope you have a good weekend! Thanks for joining us!