verb [klahym]: to go up or ascend, especially by the using the hands or feet only

A few weeks ago my friend Kylie invited me to go climbing with her and her hubs. We drove out to one of the more popular climbing areas called Green Valley Gap and hiked around looking for the perfect climb. After lots of debating and choosing the right climb for the gear we had we settled on a climb called Luck of the Irish. Pretty fitting since it was just after Saint Patrick’s day!

The beautiful Green Valley Gap! Doesn’t it look like a movie should be filmed here??

The first part of the climb was super tricky! So finding just the right route to get started was different for each of us.

There was a group of people next to us who were lead climbing and this guy made it look insanely easy.
I had not been climbing in at least a year so I really struggled! Kylie and Kenny were awesome at making me feel really comfortable though. Kenny timed himself and finished in 3:08 minutes! Pretty impressive.
It was really fun getting to climb again and I had great company! Hopefully I can make climbing more of a regular activity because it’s fun, beautiful, and a great work out!