I recently did a giveaway with Land Over Yonder on Instagram and I thought I would share my thoughts on how it went in case any one else planned to do one. It was my very first social media giveaway ever so it was a big learning experience for me!

What type of giveaway did you do?
In all honesty choosing the right giveaway was the hardest part. I knew what I was going to giveaway, I chose a creative hashtag, and I knew the length of time I would do it for but I did not know how I would have people participate.

I wanted it to be successful and get seen by a lot of people so naturally having participants “share” the original photo seemed like a good idea. However, for me personally I don’t like to post giveaway photos on my Instagram and if I do, I delete it the minute the winner is announced. So I decided to just have people tag 3 friends in the comments and share the photo with the special hashtag for an extra entry.

It ended up working out really well! Comparing how many people commented and tagged friends to how many people shared the photo it was a HUGE difference. Like only 3 people shared the photo and 2 of those 3 were my little sisters who probably just felt obligated haha.

What would you do differently?
I would not post two different photos about the same giveaway. I had posted two photos with the option to tag friends on either photo. This caused a small problem when I announced the winner. Since the two photos were different some people didn’t understand that you could qualify to win by entering on either photo and questioned me when they didn’t see the winners comments on the photo they posted on.

I would also explain how I chose the winner. Something as simple as saying that it was chosen from a random generator or showing a video of me pulling the name out of a hat or something would have reassured people that I was in fact choosing someone randomly and fairly.

What I learned
I learned that the Instagram community is amazing! I did not think that it would go as well as it did but with the power of tagging friends a lot of people heard about the giveaway and learned about a good cause at the same time. I also learned to be prepared for people who are sore losers. I was mentally prepared for the giveaway to only have a few people enter or fail completely but I was not prepared for contestants reaching out to me saying that the winner wasn’t chosen fairly and then passive aggressively attacking the winner. Thankfully I could address the matter privately and once I explained the process of how I chose the winner everyone was fine and I could delete their comments.

I did a lot of research too about when to the best time to post on Instagram was and different ways to conduct a giveaway. Before launching a giveaway I would make sure you think about the people you are trying to reach out to and what you want to gain from your giveaway. For me, the main purpose of my giveaway was to get the word out about Cambodia Project 2015.

I really wanted my followers to see the message and promote it to others as well as gain something from helping me promote this cause. Therefore giving away the hat design specifically designed for the project as well as a design of their choosing was perfect! I was able to promote the project as well as encourage participants to look at their other merchandise and get something they personally would love to have. Win win for everyone!

Would I do another one
Absolutely! It was a lot of fun collaborating with Land Over Yonder and seeing people get excited about winning something. It also helped promote my Instagram and my blog as well as another company and their merchandise.

Overall I thought it went really well and can’t wait to do another one!

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I've never done a giveaway before, so this was helpful. Good luck with any future giveaways too.

  2. Good luck on your giveaway! They are so fun and get you a lot of traffic. If you ever are interested in doing a small loop giveaway or anything I would love to be in on it!