Holy cow this week has gone by so fast! I am excited to once again linking up with everyone and reading about how your weeks all went. If this is your first time hearing about this link up check out the guidelines here. Feel free to answer the prompts in your own post and join in! We would love to hear from you 🙂
What I loved about the past week
Well I am proud to say that I successfully kept my house tidy after last weeks deep clean! I can’t tell you how nice it has been to come home and not stress about cleaning because it already is. I have been much more productive. I also got a wonderful delivery of flowers from my husband which was very sweet and thoughtful!
Getting ready for Easter has been a blast as well. I get really into planning for holidays and parties and since we were having our adult Easter egg hunt coming up I had to get my house prepped! I went out and got some fun photo props and baskets for each of our friends and fun filling them with little gifts and candies. Everyone is bringing their own dessert too so I made pudding cups and of course I went shopping for my “adult” prizes! It really was so much fun planning so be sure to check out the post all about it soon!

My husband also came home for his visit early!!!!! To say I am happy would be a huge understatement. None of our friends knew he was coming so when he was the door greeter for our party there were a lot of happy surprised faces. I also had a very successful Instagram giveaway! It was my very first one and I was soooo nervous but I got way more participants than I thought I would get and it was a lot of fun! To hear about what I would do differently check out my What I Learned post.

What my latest obsession is
Party/event planning! It’s almost become a problem. Whenever people come over for dinner or just to hang out I make it into way bigger of an event then it really needs to be haha. I just find it so fun making everything look nice, and coming up with games or themes, and playing host. And I like to think I do a pretty decent job. SO if anyone has an event coming up and they don’t want to plan it – i’m your girl.
What I’ve been daydreaming about
Sitting outside under a tree and just being. I don’t know a better way to explain it other than that. Every day has been so perfect here that I just want to go sit outside and stare at the sky and think about nothing but how peaceful and perfect it is. Just thinking about it gets me excited and relaxed.
What I’m craving
A good book to read. I read a post that Shannon (from Life the Hallway) had written reviewing a book she recently read and it reminded me that I have not read a book in at least a year! So if anyone has any good book suggestions let me know, I am open to anything!
What I’m watching
Still Gilmore Girls. There are 7 seasons with about 20 (40-50 minute) episodes per season so this question will probably have the same answer for a while! But while Dakota is here we will probably be watching something the both of us enjoy.
What I’m doing this weekend
It’s Dan and Carries wedding this weekend and Dakota is a groomsmen so we will be doing all sorts of wedding things! I am super excited for them and can’t wait to have our entire group together! We haven’t had all 8 of us together in months so it’s going to be a blast. Dakota is also attending a ceremony at Dixie High School honoring the state baseball champions so of course I am going to that as a proud wife!
What else is new
There is only 7 weeks left of my internship! If you didn’t know I teach a class at one of the local middle schools with another girl from the college. All of our kids are those kids that often get in trouble for being obnoxious or defiant in their other classes so it has been a challenge. They are all really good kids who (for the most part) participate in what we have going on but man that hour is exhausting!
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  1. Visiting from the link up! I can totally relate to your party planning, I love incorporating little details and making things just so when all I really needed to do was throw a bag of chips on the table lol

  2. I understand the party planning struggle! My boyfriend and I are having a joint birthday party in June and I'm already planning on making it elaborate.

  3. Hahahaha I totally understand! I always go way over the top even when people are coming over for a simple dinner. It's just so much more fun to go above the bare minimum. Thanks for joining!

  4. I always do that same thing when I'm planning parties! I always try to throw fun dinner parties with background music and cute table settings and our friends and family are so weirded out haha.