As you all know Easter was a few weeks ago. Even though I was working on Sunday my friends and I were still able to have our own little Easter! We had desserts and an Easter egg hunt and let me tell you, it was a blast! Instead of filing the eggs with candy we decided that we could put anything we wanted in the eggs! Pretty dangerous idea for a group of 20 somethings! Here are just a few of the items that were in the eggs:
3XL Purple silk underwear
Mini tennis balls
A Go Girl! (it’s a product to help women pee while standing!)
Trading Pins
Fire Starter
Little weiner candies
Sex dice game
Rose petals
Princess tattoos
I found these cute little signs at Target and put them throughout our yard before everyone came over just to spice up our yard a bit.

I made little Easter baskets for everyone who came that just had candies and fun toys in them. Sajen’s had a cute book and a recorder! It took him a while to figure out how it worked but once he figured it out he wouldn’t stop playing songs for us!
Shay had bubbles in her basket so naturally we went outside and blew bubbles for a while with Sajen until it was time to hide the eggs!
Ashley, Shay, and I took on the task of hiding all of the eggs! We put them all over the yard and the apartment complex so that it wasn’t too easy for the boys.

To say they were excited to hunt for eggs is an understatement! They were all standing by the door waiting for us to give them the okay to go and as you can see in the photos they loved every minute of it!

Things did get pretty competitive too! Turns out Dan had been stealing eggs out of Jayson basket the entire time haha

The boys and their winnings!
Dan found the most eggs even though he cheated haha
These were the pudding cups I made! See the recipe below
We made sure to put some eggs in the grass for Sajen to have too. It was so cute watching him run around looking for eggs and putting them in his little basket!

Jaysons photo bomb hahahaha

Out of all the photos I took this one turned out blurry!! But its still a good photo 🙂
Needless to say this Easter was definitely one for the books. Great company, lots of laughs and memories, and a new tradition!
How was your Easter?

Easter pudding cups
Basically all I did was make instant chocolate pudding and crushed up some oreos to put on top! Then I got some edible grass and sugar carrots to put on top and tada! An Easter version of dirt and worms!
You can also do the pudding and oreos then do a little dollop of orange frosting and a couple pieces of edible grass to make it look like a carrot is growing from the dirt!