Another Wednesday and this one will be just as long as the last one! It’s fun to sit down each week and reflect on these questions and realize just how crazy and fun one week has been. Especially with 90% of the time I fully intend on doing nothing! That’s the beauty of life though.

What I loved about the past week
Being able to cuddle with my husband and spend real time with him! Seriously there is nothing better than having him home. We mostly just hung out at home and watched Netflix or hung out with our friends. But really though nothing can beat the simplicity of just having his presence with me in the room. After a long day of work I got to come home and complain to him and it was so great to talk in person and then just hug it all out! Distance has made my heart grow fonder for sure.
What my latest obsession is
Blogging! That sounds silly but the last week I have come up with a lot of posts I want to write on top of the ones I already posted this last week haha. I have also found some new bloggers to follow which gets my creative juices flowing even more!
What I’ve been daydreaming about
Warm summer nights and not having a job. Last night we went to dinner with some friends and we ate outside and it was so nice! The weather was perfect and I did not want to go back inside. And then in regards to not having a job, who doesn’t want to just play all day?!
What I am craving
Apples with peanut butter and celery with ranch. Perfect snacks and delicious!
What I am watching
Flip or Flop and all of the House Hunter series! I can finish them all in a couple of days but they are so addictive. They make me want to renovate a home or buy a home in some crazy beautiful foreign country.
What I am doing this weekend
Working on the final details of my huge research project. My friend Lisa and I have been working on a huge project since last August! It has been a ton of work and next week we are presenting a poster and our findings at this huge nation wide psychology conference in Vegas and we are far from being prepared. Yikes! So hopefully this weekend we can crack down and get everything taken care of. Also, catching up on my sleep would be nice.
What else is new
Well I applied for a job last week and sadly didn’t get it. But it kind of opened my eyes to some new possibilities so I may be exploring that more however my current job has really nice perks so we will see what happens.

0 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday”

  1. Hey Chandler,

    So cute!!! I love that you love your husband so much! And I love that you're craving healthy snacks…count yourself lucky! HA. And hey…just think about it, when you're in Vegas, it's going to be super nice! If you get a chance, try and spend a day at the pool! Always a really nice way to cool down in Vegas. (I live in Northern NV) Hope you have a nice time!!!


  2. I have been eating apples and peanut butter constantly. It's like I just discovered peanut butter or something, I'm so addicted. I can't wait for warm summer nights either! Every night I go outside and expect it to be warm but it's still not haha.