Wednesdays are quickly becoming one of my favorites because of this fabulous link up and I am so sad to see it put on hold for a while. I still can’t wait to see what everyone has been up to!
What I loved about the past week
I worked almost every single day so it wasn’t the most eventful week haha. I was able to catch up on some much needed Gilmore Girls though! I also got to babysit Sajen for about 9 hours and that was really fun 🙂 He is just so cute and happy all. the. time. I love him 🙂

Dakota and I also decided that we can only eat out once a week from now on. This is easy for him but for me it has been really hard! I hate cooking, am not good at it, and cooking for one is super difficult. Plus, i’m pretty picky. But I can proudly say that I only ate out once this week! I took snacks and lunches to work and made dinners! They were very simple meals but hey it worked. I also did good with eating healthy food rather than chips and rice. So hopefully I can keep it up 🙂
What my latest obsession is
My research poster. The conference I am presenting at is this week and it really snuck up on us so since Thursday I have pretty much been a hot mess. We still had to finish calculating our data, making the graphs, and designing the poster! I also had to call around to get quotes and see how long it would take to print it. We ended up using the online service we bought our poster template from and they could overnight it! So that gave us a little extra time to work on perfecting the design. Since we submitted it I have been checking my e-mails and stalking the progress haha.
What I’ve been daydreaming about
Going to San Antonio Texas! Dakota and I have been toying around with the idea of moving to Texas and just kind of starting fresh. I have always wanted to go to the river walk in San Antonio so of course I suggested moving there. Since then I can’t stop researching it and dreaming about all the fun things we could do there! We will see what happens though.
What I’m craving
Some solid girl time! I feel like I barely see or talk to my friends anymore and I really just want to get everyone together and do something really fun and laugh and tell stories. I miss my friends and I hate that we are all so busy 🙁
What I’m watching
This one should be obvious (Gilmore Girls) but I have also been on this Enchanted kick! I just love the scene in Central Park where everyone is singing and dancing and in love!!
What I’m doing this weekend
Going to the WPA Psychology conference in Vegas! It’s going to be a lot of presenting and boring college stuff but hopefully we can squeeze in a fun dinner or something too. Wish us luck on everything and everyone pray my poster turns out looking good!
What else is new
Story time! So a few days ago I was on my way to work and as I was coming out of my subdivision there were cops lining the whole street and they wouldn’t let me out! So I sat there waiting with no information whatsoever! Eventually they let me leave and as I was driving I saw more officers along the road walking around with assault rifles and binoculars!! Talk about scary! Turns out someone across the street from us called the police saying his daughter had been kidnapped and when they got to the scene they heard gun shots inside the house! It ended up all being a lie and they took him into custody. Then a couple of hours later a main water line burst and that same subdivision across the street flooded!! Rough day for my neighborhood. But we all survived!

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  1. I swear your plans change all the time for where you and Dakota want to end up. 🙂 I'm excited to see where you do decide to go! San Antonio would be awesome; I've never been to Texas but everyone I've talked to loves it there!