Even though the original link up doesn’t exist
anymore I still really loved doing a weekly catch up with everyone so I am going to keep on doing it!
If you still want to join just answer the prompts and then post the URL of your post in the comments below so we can still connect 🙂
What I loved about the past week
Attending the WPA conference in Vegas! Lisa and I had a blast presenting our research and making the most of our awful hotel room. To hear all about the conference check out my previous post here. It was really nice being able to have our research done and show it off to other people.

What I learned
That there are a lot of people who love psychology and doing research. I have never seen so many people be so excited about research and statistics and graphs before. I love psychology but not the statistic/research part. I also learned that I can put my hair back in a solid pony tail now! Usually I have to use bobby pins to keep all the short hairs up but now I don’t need to! My hair is slowly growing 🙂 Also, I love my husband. But we already knew that! Check out my post about how we make our long distance marriage work here.

Goal for the week

This week I want to focus on keeping perspective. The students in our class have been really frustrating the last few days so it is hard to remember that they are kids and not acting out just to piss me off. Plus there is only two weeks left of school and then I am done so hopefully they don’t get too out of hand.
What I’ve been daydreaming about
Having my husband home! I say that pretty much every week but can you blame me? He is coming home in three weeks so it is really hard not to miss him a lot.

What I’m craving
A good cuddle session! Seriously all I want to do is cuddle for longer than 3 minutes haha if cuddling was a love language that would definitely be mine!
What I’m looking forward to
School being over! I wasn’t taking any classes this semester but I still teach at Pine View and I am ready for summer! I am ready for everyone else to be out of school and to have no obligations other than work and for my hubbs to be back. It really is going to be such a great summer!

What else is new
I got an entirely new windshield this week! I went in to get my tires rotated and oil changed and while I was there the guy noticed something was wrong with my windshield wipers. Basically they were sitting very high up so he was going to remove them and then move them down so that they sit correctly. While he was taking them off his tool slipped and shattered my windshield!

Of course he was very apologetic and reassured me that he would replace it. It didn’t really bother me because I knew they would fix it so we set up an appointment for the next day and all was well again! I highly recommend Slick Wiley’s for all your car needs! I have been going to them for years and have never been disappointed. Even when they break my windshield.