Meet Kim.

Kim (aka Mom) is one of the most amazing ladies I know. I started this post about a week ago and I have struggled with how to truly describe in writing how wonderful she is.

What makes my mom the best
My mom is the definition of hard working. Looking back and thinking about how much she has done while still being a mom amazes me. For a while she was a single mother who worked full time, dated one handsome man, and was taking care of four young hyper girls. She has also gone to school full time, while still working full time, being a wife, and making quality time for her girls. Even now she is very busy but would easily give up alone time to spend time with her husband or her girls or catch up with friends and family. She has always been so devoted to everything she puts her mind too and has sacrificed so much to make sure everyone around her is happy. She has always been so good at balancing being supportive and understanding but also being concerned and giving her advice. She never makes you feel judged, is easy to talk to, and will always surprise you with her sense of humor and goofiness.

Favorite memory of my mom
I have so many amazing memories of my mom it is hard to pick just one! One time we were driving down to California and I just remember that this specific trip we had a blow up microphone. So naturally my mom blasted Shania Twain and sang into that microphone as if she was performing at her own concert! She would even turn to people passing us and sing to them! It was hilarious! She always knew how to make those long road trips fun.

Favorite quality about my mom
Her humor! She is always dancing and singing or making funny faces/jokes. A lot of people don’t see that side of her very often and you are all missing out! On weekends she used to sing opera to us until we got out of bed. And one time she got Rett to help her carry me down the stairs and almost throw me in the pool! She is crazy. But I love it 🙂 Also her devotion. I have never seen her not put all her time and care into something. Whether it be school, work, a project, her family, anything. If she is going to start something she is going to finish it and exceed all expectations.

Most influencing life lesson she has taught me
Again, it is hard to chose just one. My mom has taught me everything from how to walk to how to be a devoted wife, but teaching me how to comfortably express my feelings and be nonjudgmental towards others is by far the greatest life lesson I have learned. Growing up I always just kept my feelings in and wouldn’t let anyone ever know how I felt because I was so embarrassed to feel them. I felt that I always needed to appear strong and under control and obviously my mom could see right through that. Over time I opened up to my mom and her positive and supportive feedback made me feel so safe. Because of all that validating communication I have tried to apply that same supportive communication with others because I know how scary it can be to open up about something. I hope I can be just as supportive and caring towards anyone I come in contact with.

What other people think about my mom
“I love Kim so much!! We have had lots of laughs, but I think the weekend we took McKenna and Tatum camping was my fav. She taught me how to put up my own tent, among other things that weekend. I love her honesty and the advice she gives. You know it’s real and she doesn’t judge while still loving you!! Love her to pieces!!” – Charissa Thurston

“I love my sister because she is a great example to me. She is strong, smart, beautiful, funny, honest, loving, successful, talented, and best of all I am lucky to her for my sister. I love the time she took me snipe hunting! She was so believable I honestly thought there were such things as a snipe!” – Peggy Bryant

“My favorite memory of Kim is going exploring with her on the Bryce Canyon trip and her being scared to jump over a small river until I encouraged her to do it! When she finally did we laughed for ages about how our roles had been reversed.” – Tilda Wood

Meet Jaci.

Jaci is my wonderful mom in law. She gets full credit for raising such a perfect son that I am blessed to call my husband. Jaci is such a fun spirit and I am grateful to have her be a part of my life.

What makes Jaci the best mom in law
For starters she is awesome! From the very beginning she was so welcoming and accepting of me. She never seemed to question my relationship with Dakota and she never seemed to hate me (that I know of!). Jaci has always been so nice and supportive of our marriage. She understands that we are our own little family and she has a great balance of letting us make our own path and giving advice when she feels it’s needed. She has never made me feel judged or unwelcome and for that I will always be truly grateful.

Favorite quality about Jaci
In the few years I have known Jaci I have seen how many people admire her. Everyone talks so highly of her and genuinely enjoys her company. She is gets along with everyone and is always so optimistic! My all time favorite quality about her though is how willing she is. I have never seen someone give so much for so many people without even thinking. She can always find a way to help serve someone whether it be helping them move or bringing them a small gift to brighten their day. I want to be like her where I don’t think twice about helping others and be willing to give up everything I have for someone in need. She truly gives and gives even when she has to sacrifice her own needs.

Favorite memory of Jaci
If you know Jaci you know that every time you get together with her you are in for some laughs! But my favorite memory of Jaci is when she wrote me a letter after I got engaged to Dakota. My Grandma read the letter to me at my bridal shower and even though Jaci wasn’t technically present it meant so much to me that she was happy to welcome me into her family and marry her son. It was such a sweet genuine side to see of her that I will always cherish.

What others think of Jaci
“One of my favorite memories of my mom is when she used to wake us up in the middle of the night for food runs. It would always be at like 1 in the morning but she always made it worth waking up for and we always ended up taking our time going back to bed.” – Dakota Larsen

“I just love the happiness that Jaci brings to my life! Always there to for a good laugh and to back me up!” – Becky Pepito

“My favorite memory of Jaci is rocking out to Garth Brooks in her car and her swinging her ponytail around like a helicopter while she drove! I was probably 8 or 9 and thinking about it now I’m glad we didn’t die!” – Tarese Bradbury

Thank you for being such amazing influential women to everyone around you, for loving and accepting me, and for teaching me more than I ever thought I could learn – Chandler