Another beautiful Wednesday is here already. This week went by so fast for me I almost forgot to do this post! But luckily I remembered this morning 🙂

What I loved about the past week
I had a super funny interaction with a pilot while at work and now we are Facebook friends so that was pretty awesome! I also got to see my mom this week which was really nice. It was a short visit and we were at my friends party so we didn’t talk very much but it was still really nice to see her. I also got to hang out with my friend Ashley which was much needed and fun!
What I learned
I learned that more people read my blog than I thought! I discovered the stats page on blogger and learned that over 100 people read my posts. Who knew!? I can also see which posts got more views and what days get the most views so I can target my audience better now 🙂
Goal for the week
Last week my goal was to keep perspective. I would say that I did pretty good with it especially with my class and at school. Overall it made me more patient and positive especially when I was frustrated. My goal for this week is to stay motivated. I have been avoiding doing things like laundry and cleaning the bathrooms. I also just want to use more time better instead of just watching TV I would rather read or catch up on journaling or go exploring!
What I’ve been daydreaming about
Throwing a super cool party! I don’t know why but lately I have been in a planning mood and what is more fun than planning a party? I just need to find a reason too throw one…
What I’m looking forward to
My road trip with Dakota! His last day is the 24th so the plan is for me to fly up there on the 25th and take a few days to drive down to Saint George and stop in Yellowstone! I just need one more shift covered at work in order to make it happen so everyone keep your fingers crossed.
What else is new
I am getting my hair done today by the beautiful and talented Elizabeth today! I am super excited because I am long over due for a good color. Check out her fabulous work at