What I loved about the past week

This last week was definitely a lazy one! It was raining a ton last week so if I wasn’t at work I was just lounging at home rewatching New Girl. Dakota and I have been hashing out some details about him coming home which is exciting but it may not all work out the way we planned. No surprise there! The last 6 months has just been a whirlwind of plans changing. Even though it is super annoying there is a bigger plan in store that we just don’t see yet.

I was also able to judge a pageant which was a lot of fun! Each of the girls were super cute and had a lot of great talents and skills and I am glad I was able to help chose the queen. I also got to go see the new Pitch Perfect for my friend Alexana’s birthday! It was so great to see everyone and catch up!

What I learned the past week
That nothing ever goes the way you want it to. I swear every time I think we have our lives in order and everything is all fine and dandy BOOM! Something major happens and then we are back at square one. It was a really difficult week to keep perspective on the big picture but I made it through and have a much better attitude about the whole thing. To read more about how to keep a positive perspective check out my post here.

Goal for the week
Last week my goal was to stay motivated and honestly I did awful. I got in this weird funk and did not get much accomplished other than finishing a Netflix series! So I am going to keep that goal as well as a new one of being adventurous. I only have one day off this week but I really want to go hiking or for a drive somewhere! Any suggestions on what I should do??

What I’ve been daydreaming about
A puppy!!! But more importantly a Shikoku puppy 🙂 They are so cute and fun and I really want one. Sadly we can’t have pets pretty much anywhere in Saint George so it will forever be a dream until we buy a home.

What I am looking forward to
Game night tonight with Alexana and headshots tomorrow with Kiley from Hello Memory! It is going to be an eventful week for sure.

What else is new
Remember when I said my husband was coming home next week? Well he still is buuut……there is a 50/50 chance he won’t be home for good….More on that later though! I am also thinking about doing a little hair tutorial. I get a lot of compliments on how healthy my hair is and questions on how I curl it so maybe it’s time for a little tutorial. What do you think???

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