Meet Kiley Fisher.

Kiley is a beautiful young woman and an amazing photographer. She loves photography and has a knack for beautiful lighting and capturing the most memorable moments for people.
Tell us a little about yourself
I am Kiley Fisher and I am the owner and operator of Hello Memory Photography! I specialize in family, wedding, newborn, and lifestyle photography. I am located in Salt Lake City but serving all surrounding areas. I am married and have a 1 1/2 year old son named Kanon and a beagle puppy named Laycie.
What go you into photography?
When I was a little girl my mom worked at a camera store in southern Utah. I used to go to work with her and watch her develop images the old school way for prints. She was always taking pictures of my little brother and I and as I grew older I realized not very many people have these memories that I cherish! I knew then that I wanted to make memories for other people. That is how I decided to go into this profession!
What style shoot is your favorite?
I definitely love lifestyle. What is great about it is that you capture true expressions to meaningful details and the true smiles and motion that is expressed! It gives personality to the image.
What is your favorite thing about being a photographer?
Every shoot is unique and every person is unique! I get to know my clients on another level and capture their memories in beautiful places. To see my clients smile and bright eyes after they receive their images and then frame and hang my work in their homes, there is nothing better. I love being a photographer!
Has anything funny or embarrassing ever happened during a shoot?
The funny thing about me is that when I am capturing my client and their surroundings that is all I focus on to make sure I am getting the best image. But I am not always aware of my own surroundings because of that making me a klutz! Tripping over myself and yes even once stepping into a huge pile of doggie doo-doo in boots that I eventually threw away! That made for some great laughs and smiles. I kept telling myself “hey at least you’re an entertainer!” even when I’m not trying to be. So it was very embarrassing but totally worth all the smiles and memories.
To see more of Kiley’s work or to make an appointment check her out at the links below!