Welcome back to What’s Up Wednesday! Sorry for missing last week we were just having so much I totally spaced it. If this is your first time joining welcome 🙂 This is a weekly post where we answer questions and set goals for the week.
What I loved about the past week
I love love love having Dakota home!! We road tripped down from North Dakota last week and it was such a blast. We drove through Montana and Wyoming and Utah and it was so beautiful. We also got together with some friends for dinner and a bonfire and that is always a great time.
I also got a my photos taken by the amazing Kiley Fisher with Hello Memory Photography. She was in town and I needed some headshots done so we met downtown and had some fun! To see my shots you can check them out here and for an exclusive interview with Kiley go here!

What I learned the past week
That Southern Utah is amazing for meeting new people. In the last week I have run into a few people (just by chance) who have been so sweet and had great stories. One guy was even a professional parachutist! His job is to jump out of planes and test new parachutes!
Goal for the week
My goal last time was to be more adventurous and get out of the house. In the last two weeks we have been to Yellowstone, a waterfall, bonfires, and we plan to keep it up with summer here so I would say I did pretty good with this goal. This next week I want to focus on doing service.
What I’ve been daydreaming about
Yellowstone!! Now that I have checked off Yellowstone from my bucket list I can’t wait to go back. Dakota and I already intend to make Yellowstone an annual trip with our future family but I need to go back soon. It was so beautiful even though it was cloudy and rainy so I can’t imagine what it looks like in the fall! To see more about our trip through Yellowstone check out my post here.
What I’m looking forward to
Looking for the Summit rock. Every year the gym we go to hides a rock somewhere in our county that is worth $10,000! This year we decided to look for it so we signed up and are determined to find it so wish us luck!