I have been slacking the past week with blog posts but I never forget about What’s Up Wednesday! A lot has gone on in the past week that I will do individual posts on so be sure to keep your eye out for those.
What I loved about the past week
I feel like we have done so much that I can’t remember anything that has happened haha. We have been hanging out with our friends a lot the past week which is always so nice! We really are lucky to have such a great group of fun people to hang out with all the time. We looked for the Summit Rock pretty much every sing day last week which was a BLAST! I will do a little post about that later though 🙂
We also went up to Zion and hiked Angel’s Landing, babysat Sajen, had a double date, enjoyed national donut day, cleaned the house, I had another photo shoot with a photographer, and we helped our friends move into their new home! I told you it was a good week 🙂

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What I learned the past week
That I am so out of shape! We hiked Angel’s Landing the other day and it took us way too long to finish because I was constantly stopping to catch my breath and my hip was killing me the whole time. I basically am a 22 year old trapped in a very old body. It was a pretty big eye opener for me because I don’t feel or look out of shape but MAN those inclines got to me.
Goal for the week
Last weeks goal was to focus on service. Other than helping our friends move and picking up some trash around the community dumpster in our neighborhood I didn’t really do a whole lot. So I am going to keep the same goal but focus it more on small acts of kindness.
What I’ve been daydreaming about
Mostly food. That sounds really dumb but lately I feel like I am always hungry! I am always wanting to eat food and go to these nice places I have always wanted to eat at. We have a rule where we try to only eat out once a week I did not do well with that haha.
What I am looking forward to
This week I got an extra day off of work! I’m not sure what I am going to do with it just yet but either way it is an extra day where I don’t have to deal with people and complaints and I can just be with my husband 🙂

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  1. Has that rock been found yet?! I really want you to find it. Jealous you hiked Angel's, I want to do that this summer but I'm not sure when we will find the time to make it down there!