A little while ago Dakota and I met up with our friend Dan and decided to take his little man Sajen to the children’s museum downtown. This museum is fully funded by donations (they only ask $3.00 to enter) and is easily the cutest little place for kids!
There were SO many different rooms that were all interactive and educational and there is something there to appeal to every time of personality. Dakota and Dan particularly loved the Frozen room and the basketball arena (because they are children at heart) and Sajen really liked the farm room because he could sit in the truck and steer it. I made a list of each room and their various activities at the bottom so you can get a good idea on what to expect.

We all had such a blast and I wish we could have stayed longer but we had to get back to our adult lives. I was very impressed with the museum and can’t wait to go back with our little ones some day 🙂
Farm: You can plant seeds, milk a cow, feed chickens, and ride a truck!
Post office: Put on an apron and collect some mail to deliver it to people’s mail boxes!
Grocery store: Grab a cart and shop around the isles then use the register to scan your purchases and pay for your items!
Zion’s Bank: Check out the big safe, make deposits, and sit at the official bankers chair.
Presidential office: Put on a hat, salute to the flag, visit the voting booth! Then watch a little film about local government and sit in the big official desk
SkyWest Airport: Walk through the security scanner and give your boarding pass to the gate agent before boarding the plane. Put on your pilot jacket and taxi down the runway!
Auto Mechanic: Work on a car by sliding under it to check for leaks and don’t forget to fill out the reports!
Radio and Theater: Put on a costume and pick a song to perform on a real stage! Then head over to the radio booth for an interview and to check out some old radios and telephones
Castle: Sit on your throw with your crown and rule your kingdom! Don’t forget to save the town from the dragon though!
Red Rocks: Go under ground and play with nocturnal animals then deliver water to the town through an old school pulley system
Frozen: Build a snowman with Elsa and Anna and then race down the hill on the fun slide!
Basketball arena: Play giant air hockey and put on a jersey for some intense wheelchair basketball!
Science room: See what it is like to be inside a bubble, touch a tornado, and make your hair stand up!
Music and room: Play with drums, pianos, harps, and many more instruments and then take a breather and create your very own Picasso piece to take home!
Fireman post: Don’t forget to stop and play with the firemen dog on your way out and take a photo with one of our local hero’s!
Gift shop: Purchase a fun item to remind you of your amazing visit or donate to keep the museum up and running for many more years.