For the past three weeks Dakota and I have participated in finding the Summit rock. The Summit rock is an event that one of the local gyms puts on every year for the community. Basically they have a rock with their company logo on it and they hide it somewhere in our county. They give out daily clues and every one is invited the join in the search! The rock is worth $5,000 but if you buy the shirt the value of the rock doubles if you find it! That’s right, $10,000 for finding a rock!

This year we didn’t have a lot going on so we participated as much as we could! There were three rocks this year which means three chances of earning $10,000. The first rock was found pretty quickly but the second rock drove us crazy! We looked for hours every day, woke up early so we could hear the clue as soon as possible, and we even looked after we got off work (see picture below).

Sadly, we didn’t end up finding any of the rocks but we still had a blast! It was a fun three weeks wandering around the town meeting new people and going to new places in town. It was really cool to see so many members of the community involved in the event. Many people picked up liter while they hunted and everyone was really friendly.
I snap chatted each day we hunted and we had people respond by helping us with clues and giving us encouragement which was really awesome! I didn’t think to save any of the photos from my story though except for the ones on here haha so sorry there isn’t much.
This is a rock I found that looked similar to the actual rock
This was the night we stayed out until 2:30 in the morning looking for the rock
These were the clues for the second rock. This was honestly the hardest set of clues! The 4th clues drove us insane and threw off most the ideas we had.
I’m sad it’s over but we are really looking forward to doing it next year!

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