I am lucky enough to have two dads in my life which means I get twice the amount of cheesy jokes, childhood stories, support, and love for my entire life. I also get twice the amount of life lessons, skills, and love. Most lessons were things that everyone already knows about. Like how to tie my shoes, drive a car, not tell mom something, or how to change a tire. But looking back I realize that I gained so much more from them that I ever thought. Skills and values that come so naturally to me, that I thought were just part of my personality, were really learned by their influence and example over time.
1. Every event is a big deal. No matter how lame, agonizing, or long your choir concerts are your dad is always there. Every formal dance there is a camera in your face and embarrassing jokes about your date. From first days of school, to birthdays, to wedding days your dad is always there for you.There is rarely an event in your life too small to have the support from your dad.
2. Adventure is good for you. You probably would not have branched out so much during high school and college without the encouragement from your dad. Every time you talked about an idea or a possible career choice he was always on board and willing to help in anyway possible. I remember being told many times to not be afraid to branch out and make memories and I am glad I did.
3. How to have patience. I honestly don’t know how dads do it. There are 4 girls in my family not including my mom so I can’t imagine the patience my dads have been through! But I do know that if they hadn’t been patient all those time we tried to cook dinner or talk about our drama with boys then I would not be as patient as I am.
4. All gifts are great gifts. Have you ever given your dad a gift he didn’t completely love and appreciate? I seriously doubt it. Dad’s have this special appreciation for the little things. I always stress about what to get for birthdays or Christmas and every time there is genuine excitement! Dad’s don’t just fake their enthusiasm and then stash it away, they actually use it and genuinely appreciate what you gave them. They are never unappreciative which is such a great thing to remember in such a greedy world.
5. That sometimes you can’t always see what is right in front of you. I’m not talking about the milk in the fridge that is literally right in front of you. I’m talking about when we get emotional about something and your dad can always bring you back down to Earth. Dad’s are amazing at keeping their cool and reminding you that there is always a greater reason for why something is happening, even when we can’t see the result immediately.
6. Making mistakes is okay. Remember that one time (or that 123,234,230 time) when you did that stupid thing and your dad still loved you? That’s because dad’s know you have to make mistakes in order to grow. You can’t find out what your capable of without these mistakes. You can’t realize how strong you really are until you push through a stupid mistake. But you can always count on your dad to support you in the most shameless way.
7. To stand up for myself. I can think of countless times of dad’s sticking up for themselves or for someone they care about. I learned really young that not everyone is going to like me and that is okay. I’ve also learned that it is not okay to be put down. It is probably one of the hardest lessons I have had to learn but watching someone you look up to stand up for themselves with confidence and strength really helped me to understand that I be like that to.
8. To work hard for something you want. Any success I have ever had did not come without effort and neither has anyone else’s. Both my dad’s have started business, raised a family, and been successful in everything they put their minds to. I have seen them put so much work and passion into the things they want and I always knew that I would have to do the same thing if I ever wanted to be successful like them.
9. What good music really is. I may have a big advantage with this because my dad’s both have experience in the music industry and they grew up in the greatest music era! I remember long car rides of jamming out to Rush or Journey and just dancing to a good beat. Or listening to a more edgy tune and being told to just listen and feel the beat and see if I can hear a story. I don’t think there is a single person out there who wasn’t forced to listen to their dad’s “old” music that doesn’t have an appreciation for it now.
10. To love myself for who I am. Growing up, and still to this day, I have always felt so natural and beautiful in the presence of my dad’s. There is never any judgement or comments about my appearance other than I look healthy and beautiful. I always got support or advice whenever I wanted to try a new look or made a life decision. It doesn’t matter what I am doing as long as I love what I am doing.

Thank you for being such great examples to me in all of these ways and so much more XoXo

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  1. This is such a sweet and so true post. I am super close with my dad, I would definitely say I'm a daddy's girl. He has taught me so many lessons in my life that I never realized until I got older. Thanks for this