Another Wednesday already! It has been a really fun week for us so I am excited to share a little bit of it with you 🙂 What was your favorite part of last week?
What I loved about the past week
This last week was filled with hanging out with friends. We spent almost every day with our friend Dan and his son Sajen just crafting or hanging out. Dakota started working on building a shoe rack for us and I am so excited to see the finished product! It is by no means anything fancy but he is building it all by himself which is amazing! I also had the chance to take pictures of my sponsor for the month. His feature interview is going to be shared this Friday so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it!
I also got to go to the new Fiesta Fun center the other night. If you haven’t been yet you need to because it is an amazing transformation! The area is huge and the bowling lanes are great and I am dying to go into the laser tag arena! We just went bowling but we had a really fun time 🙂
What I learned the past week
That Dakota is the perfect husband for me. He always listens to me and works on the things I bring up and he is always trying to better our relationship and home. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better man!
Goal for the week
Last week my goal was to look at the bigger picture. I didn’t realize how perfect this goal was going to be because we had a whirlwind of things happen. I tried to keep this goal in mind though and not get stuck on little things that really won’t matter in the end and it really helped me keep calm. This next week I want to work on being more flirtatious with my husband!
What I’ve been daydreaming about
This is going to sound really weird but I can’t stop thinking about bacon! I always want bacon but never make the time to go buy some and make it. I just want the bacon fairy to deliver me perfect bacon every morning. That isn’t too much to ask right?
Other than bacon I have been dreaming about getting out to Lake Powell. We haven’t been in so long and I really just want to go swimming or kayaking! For those of you who don’t know me very well I don’t like water. I’m not afraid of water at all I just hate when you get out you have to dry off and if you don’t shower you just smell and that just isn’t fun to me. I know that’s really weird but oh well!

What I’m looking forward to
I’m really looking forward to sharing my guest posts and having my newest sponsor. It already has been so fun working with all of these talented people so I can’t wait to share! I’m also really looking forward to the next couple of weeks. We should finally be getting some answers about Dakota’s potential new job and there are some fun weddings and events coming up that are going to be a blast!

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