Okay time to play catch up! Sorry I missed last week but our vacation was just so needed. I will try and remember as much as I can haha
What I loved about the past week
Dakota and I went to Lake Las Vegas for a couple of days which was so fun! The resort had a private beach with free kayaks and two amazing pools. The great thing about Lake Las Vegas is that not many people know about it so it’s never insanely crowded. It was a perfect getaway.

We also went up to Lake Navajo to go fishing for the day. I had never been before and it was beautiful and so close to home! We mostly just spent the rest of our days hanging out with friends and cleaning the house, you know typical grown up stuff.

For the 4th of July we hung out with our friends at a park downtown. There were booths, food, and music set up for the event and of course one of the best views for fireworks. We chose to go up on a hill to watch the fireworks and avoid the loud booms. There were some cute older couples and families up there with us and I made a friend named Calvin. That wasn’t his actual name I later learned from his mom but he had a whole lot of energy and wouldn’t leave me alone haha. He was actually pretty hilarious!

What I learned last week
I am happiest when I am doing something. It doesn’t really matter what it is but if I’m outside doing something or grocery shopping I love it. The simplest things always make me happy. I could kayak for hours even though my arms are tired because it is just so much fun!

Goal for the week
My goal last time was to be more flirtatious with my husband. I think it worked because he started being flirtatious back! He wrote on my car and cleaned the house for me. New goal is to take care of myself. I only have 1 day off for the next two weeks so I really need to make sure I take some time to get away from work and go to bed on time.

What I’ve been daydreaming about
This is going to sound weird but I have had mashed potatoes from Texas Roadhouse on my mind for days! Also kayaking again or visiting Greece have been on my mind a lot as well. I just have the adventure bug!

Story of the Week
We came home from our mini vacation to a million ants in our kitchen. Naturally I freaked out so Dakota and I killed as many as we could with our trustee 409 cleaner. Then I put dryer sheets everywhere because I heard that helps (it doesn’t) and then I put peppermint oil everywhere and that helped for a couple of hours until the smell died off. One by one they came marching in again. Eventually we just let them take over until my awesome friend could come the next day to spray our house for us. It wasn’t a fun thing to come home to but hey it was a memory!

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