Your favorite DJ Fayze is back again sharing his advice on what to look for in a DJ to make the most out of your events! I have had a blast sponsoring Jordan and have been really impressed with his dedication and optimism towards working with me. If he can write a great blog post who knows what he can do at a party!
Have you ever been to an event and been super disappointed with the DJ?. No lighting, no good music, and barely interacted with the audience. You may not even remember because the whole thing was just that boring. DJ Fayze is 100% dedicated to his career and to his clients. I promise you won’t ever be disappointed with him as your personal music entertainer.
Hey everyone! It’s me again, DJ Fayze. For many people, choosing a DJ for a party or wedding can be one of the most confusing things about planning. As they visit these DJ’s websites, they’re bombarded with terms like “1000 Watt Sound System!” and “The newest LED lighting!” It seems every single one claims that they are the “best around!” and they have “decades of experience!” But what does that mean to you? If this is the first time you have had to hire a DJ, or even the 100th time, how can you compare and contrast all of these options? What really are the most important things you should compare about each company, and how will they affect you? I hope to shed a little light on this dilemma and help you, and everyone else out there who is going to face this decision at some point, go with a DJ that will make your event one to remember.
Are you surprised this one is first? Out of all the questions I am asked this always seems to be the first. I understand; not everyone has an unlimited budget or bottomless savings accounts. Just like the other aspects of your party the amount you spend on your entertainment has to be within your means. So what is a good price? Factors such as length of the event, location, number of guests attending, and amount of time to set up and take down equipment will all play a part in determining the price of your event.
One thing many people don’t know about a mobile DJ business is the amount of time that goes into preparing for a party-both before and after. Your DJ should be willing to create a custom playlist for your event and work with you to go over the music you want and don’t want to hear. This will most definitely take an hour or more before the event. The DJ may have to drive a longer distance to your event and typically spends at least an hour setting up before the event. Then they will spend almost that same amount of time tearing down the equipment.
As you go over prices and quotes with different DJs, the saying “you get what you pay for” will definitely apply. Is the DJ charging you $200 for your 4 hour event? Odds are they are starting out and desperate for work, and willing to work for less and use your event as practice, which may not be the best. DJ equipment isn’t cheap; a good DJ has probably spent $5,000 to $10,000 on his equipment, which they regularly replace. Is your DJ charging quoting you $700 for your 4 hour wedding? There is a reason! Ask them what’s in their price and how they will make your event special. Music and lighting will have more impact on your event than any other thing, so do not skimp here.

Side note: DJing is hard work. It’s not just fun and games. Often, people come in last minute, asking DJs to not only fit them in their schedule, but to give them outrageous deals, saying they are on a tight budget. This came sometime be a little annoying to DJs. It’s kind of like going to a restaurant right at the end of the night, asking for a table 5 minutes before close, and expecting them to give you the happy hour special.
Sound, Lighting, and Presentation
Don’t be scared here! You don’t need to be worried or confused by technical jargon. If you’re seeing large explanations and specifications of their equipment on their website, or that is all they focus on in your conversations, be wary. Some DJs try to compensate for lack of skill or professionalism with large sound systems and light shows. This is where you let your eyes do the research. Look at pictures and videos on their website. Do you like the look of the lights? Do all the cables and cords look organized, or are they sloppily draped haphazardly like a construction site? Ask your DJ if they give the same lights to everyone, or if they design something just for your event. A wedding needs different lighting than a school dance, and a church dance needs more lights than a birthday party. Lighting has SUCH a large impact on the feel of your event. It can calm guests or excite them. It can go with the music and take your party to the next level. Do you think you’ll need a wireless microphone? An auxiliary cord to plug in an Ipod for a special song? Ask these questions! Your DJ should be able to provide all of this and be more than willing to work with you.
Website and social media
A website is absolutely essential nowadays. On a website, you can see examples of their work, read reviews, and request quotes. Does their site look professional and is it easy to navigate? Though this may seem unimportant the care they give to their site will be reflected in the attention they give to your event. Do they have social media such as Facebook? Do they regularly update it with photos and updates from their work? A good DJ will actively seek to engage their customers and friends. If their site, clothes, pictures, slogans, or business cards look like they came from the 10 or 20 years ago, they probably aren’t up to date and prepared for your event.
Going above and beyond for you
This is probably the most important of all, which is why I saved it for last. DJing is about the customer so much more than it is about the DJ. When you go on a cruise, or when you fly first class, the staff is there for you. Your happiness and vision is their priority. Your entertainment should be the same. It’s all about the little things. Personally I love to sit down before each event with the host, bride, groom, or whoever, and talk about what they see for their event. What mood do they want to convey? How do they want their guests to feel? I talk to them about music; I have forms and timelines for brides and top 20 music lists for schools. I have personalized clean edits of pop music for church dances. I talk with them about location and the presentation. I look for every way to take stress of their planning. Your DJ should do the same. They should go the extra mile to make your event unique and special. You should be able to sense that what they do is their passion and they want to share that with you.
I hope these tips have shed some light on the process of hiring a DJ! I invite you all to look past price and discover what value a DJ can really provide you. They literally can transform your event and make something spectacular! I can’t say I’m perfect, but I try to make my company the best around.
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