Alright!! Another Wednesday! I have been working every day this past week so there isn’t too much to report but it’s still a good week 🙂 If this is your first time joining all you need to do to participate is make your own post with the following prompts and but your link in the comments below!
What I loved about the past week
Dakota bought me flowers and that was so awesome 🙂 They are still sitting on our counter all pretty! We also went boating the other day which was sooo nice. I have been dying to get out on the lake for so long and it finally happened! And we had a boat! We drove around, fished off the dock, and of course went swimming. It was so nice to get out and away from work.
I also got to do another shoot with Charity Rebekah Photography! She was working on some new editing techniques and asked to do a quick shoot with me and of course I said yes. She is so great and fun to work with and always knows how to make me look good 🙂
What I learned last week
That people do put themselves in other’s shoes. Sometimes my job requires me to change a pilots entire day without them knowing about it ahead of time. Often people will get frustrated and upset because they weren’t prepared for those changes and we have to listen to them. Last week I had interactions with a couple of people who had such positive responses to the changes and even sympathized with me. It was nice to be validated and see that people really do understand that we are simply doing our job and not personally out to ruin their day.
Goal for the week
My goal last week was to make time for myself. I was working 7 days in a row and really wanted to make sure I was getting sleep and having some fun and I would say I did pretty good. I made sure Dakota knew that I needed to sleep or needed to get out of the house and he was really great at helping me with that. He would cook or clean the house up which was a huge help! I work another 7 days in a row starting today so I will keep the same goal in mind but I also want to spend time with my little sister who is leaving for her mission next week.
What I’ve been daydreaming of
Our anniversary trip to Dublin!!! Seriously I do so much research and am constantly looking at fun things to do when we go. I cannot wait!!

Thanks for joining! See you next week 🙂


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