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What I loved about the past week
This was another crazy week were I worked literally every day. I was able to get a quick break for some ice cream with the hubs and some friends though! Sometimes a little Dairy Queen can make your week a million times better. I also went to my little sisters farewell talk on Sunday. I didn’t exactly love that because it is sad to think my sister is leaving for 18 months, but I did love seeing her so happy and being able to be around some extended family 🙂
On the few days off I had I had a fun photo shoo for Kilo’s Italian Ice here in town! There were a bunch of us at the shoot, all with our own flavor, and we just had a blast eating ice cream and goofing off. We also took some family photos with Cassandra Farley out in Snow Canyon and had a blast working with her 🙂
Then on Tuesday it was my other sisters birthday so we went to The Crepery for brunch and then just hung out until Morgan got set apart. Then we got to go to my favorite place ever! TEXAS ROADHOUSE! I seriously love that place and was so happy we ate there for McKenna’s birthday dinner 🙂
What I learned the last week
I have learned that the blogging community is really amazing! In the last week I have met a ton of new bloggers and had some great opportunities come up as well. I have been blogging for years and love that people are so welcoming, friendly, and supportive! People are open to giving advice and helping others grow their blog and I love that! If we were in a corporate office type setting we would all be competing and hating each other. I’m glad blogging is far from that.
Goal for the week
My goal was to make time for myself and spend time with my sister before she leaves. I did okay with making time for myself and spent as much time as possible with my sister in the last few days we had. My goal this week is to start packing and planning for our Ireland trip!
What I’ve been daydreaming of
SLEEP! I have been working so much lately I feel like I haven’t been able to catch up on sleep. Even when I go to bed crazy early my body won’t let me sleep all night. I’ve been a little grumpy haha. Also dreaming about a slow day at work!
Question of the week: What is your dream vacation spot?
My dream vacation is Prague! I really don’t have a reason why other than the fact that I have just always wanted to go. I would also really love to see the Mayan ruins some day 🙂


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