With our anniversary coming up naturally I started to think about gift ideas! Thankfully this year was pretty easy because we are going on a trip instead of gifts but if your man is anything like mine you secretly dread these holidays. You never know what to get him because he doesn’t need anything and is thrilled with whatever you get him. But he is also the type of guy who already has everything or buys what he wants as soon as he can.
Maybe it’s just me but I get disappointed in my gifts sometimes and need to impress my man! I want him to know that I listen to him and know him better than anyone else and really want to blow his socks off! So I decided to sit down and think about some new gifts that he, and every man like him, would really enjoy! Sometimes you just need a little change of pace to get them excited about their gifts again.
Secret Photo Album
Let’s be real. What man wouldn’t love a secret album of his smoking hot wife? Often couples get into a rhythm and the excitement dies off a little bit. Lucky for us men are really easy and will always enjoy a little physical attention. So why not surprise your man with a secret album just for him to enjoy? Plus you will feel sexy and flirty!
Gift card
This feels really lame I know. But you honestly cannot go wrong. Every man has a favorite store even though they hate shopping. For my man it is Sportsman’s warehouse. I could give him a gift card with $5 on it and he would be ecstatic! Just being able to spend money at his favorite store is exciting. Think about it. If he got you a gift card to Nordstrom would you be mad?
A power tool
Men like to be men. They like being able to build something and feel powerful once in a while! It’s good to hone in on that primal instinct and give him a power drill or saw. I promise he will get excited and then do all those things on your “honey-do” list 😉
Perfect Wife Day
You know those cliche 50’s style wives everyone dreams about being? You know the one were you are in a super cute poofy dress with a fresh pie on the window sill of your dream house. Oh yeah you can totally make that happen for a day! Dress up all girly and cute and cater to your husband. It’s not degrading it’s fun! Make him his favorite meal, let him watch his favorite shows all night, and let him think about how adorable and perfect you are.
Tickets to his favorite sports team
Just knowing what his favorite sports team is should impress him enough! Getting him decent tickets for a game will be so exciting for him. He will be able to plan the whole day and be excited every day leading to the event and after the event. You can either go with him to show your support or you can let him go with his best friend!
Something he can explode
Something so simple but so effective! Give him a bunch of fireworks or bottles he can shoot and he will have a blast all day long. Take it one step further and take him to a shooting range with really large explosions or one with a cannon!
Again simple but practical. I don’t know what it is but men love watches. They can be pricey but they sure do look good and he will love showing it off!
He might laugh and tease you for it but he will secretly be excited. Men get stressed and tense just as much as women do. You would be surprised how much they enjoy it! Then once they realize how great it is they may be more inclined to get you one.
Dollar Shave Club
Such an easy gift but it’s like an exclusive club only for men. It is really easy to sign up and you are getting quality products for a cheap price! Win win for everyone.
Detailed Car
Men care about there vehicles. Which is kind of weird because boys are usually smelly and gross! But typically they take good care of their cars and want it to look clean and shiny. Detailing can be expensive but well worth it. Surprise him with a professional detail and he will be elated!
Happy gifting and happy celebrating :)

What do you think your man will love the most out of these 10 things? Do you have anything else to add? I would love to hear it!

0 thoughts on “10 Gifts for the Guy Who Has Everything”

  1. Shopping for my guy in particular is a pain because he's not into typical “guy stuff.” He doesn't like sports, cars, etc. He's a big nerd lol so I try to find fun nerdy gifts for him 😉 I do think he would love the secret photo album though!

  2. My husband always says that his perfect day would be for me to scratch his back all day and feed him pizza while he watches football 😉 You should add that to your list :p

  3. hahaha I have never thought of that! He is constantly buying socks (and shoes, he's a weirdo) so he would probably end up buying them before I would. So maybe some fun goofy church socks or something! Good thinking 🙂