Once upon a time there was a young couple exploring a magical city called Dublin. Dublin was a big place with castles, fairies, leprachauns, and grass as green as you can imagine. The young couple decided to visit this magical place in search for adventure and diversity. But little did they know how scary being away from the comforts of their home could be.
Thankfully the young couple had a friend name Loek who lived in Dublin and was able to help them with their adventure. Since Dublin is such a large city, Loek suggested they take the Luas train to get wherever they wanted to explore. Now this train was very big and magical and flew all across the city helping young travelers gain the most out of their expeditions but it did not come without cost. The train required gold and silver coins from each explorer in order to operate. However some travelers would take advantage of the train and get use it without giving up their coins. This make the people of Dublin very angry so they hire big strong giants to stand guard and make sure that everyone gives their coins.
One day the young couple lost all their coins and wasn’t sure how they would ever get home. They decided to create a memory and hide from the giants on the train! The young couple successfully got on the train without detection but there weren’t many people on the train to hide behind. At the first stop there were giants standing at the door waiting to get on for inspection so the young couple quickly got off without any hesitation. They waited for the next train and luckily no giants in sight!
The rest of the train ride was easy to avoid the giants. No more stops and a lot of people to hide behind if nessesary. The young couple felt slightly guilty but realized it was pretty amazing that they were able to defeat the big scary giants! The young couple laughed and danced at their victory and trailed on to their next adventure.
The end.
This is my “hard core” photo
Translation: There is a tram system in Dublin that requires a day pass to use (obvioulsy). We had two passes for the tram but I lost mine and we only had to get on the tram one more time to get home so we decided to take our chances and not buy a $6 pass for a quick ride. There are actual big intimidating security guards that randomly get on the trams and check for passes and we had never actually seen them check for passes our entire trip there except for this ONE time! We were sitting on the tram and had two more stops to go before we reached our destination when they got on the tram! We quickly got off before the doors closed and awkwardly went into the first store we saw and waited for the next tram to come. It was hilarious and we didn’t get caught but it was pretty intense being rebelious!