One of the days we were in Ireland we visited Trinity College. Our main purpose was to see the Book of Kells and the Long Room but now I really want to transfer! You wouldn’t think that visiting a college campus would be enjoyable but this college is worth seeing for the campus alone.
This is the main entrance! So grand!
Proof Dakota was with me on this trip. He hates taking pictures but I force him once in a while to take some selfies with me.
This is the Long Room. The pictures don’t do it justice but at least they let us take pictures. You just walk up some stairs and BAM! A huge room with 200,000 books in it all the way up to the ceiling. It was incredible. Everything was blocked off to preserve the books but you could clearly see everything. If you are a book junkie you need to go here.
This little road was just off the center of campus and it holds some of the student housing. Seriously how would you like to have beautiful ivy just growing outside your apartment? I would die.
This campus was beautiful I pretty much died when I saw it. So much detail in all the buildings and the lush grass and big trees were beautiful! Going to college there everyday would be so cool.
P.S.The Book of Kells (according to Wikipedia) is basically a manuscript in Latin containing the four gospels. The tour consisted of blowing up certain illustrations from the book and explaining the story and showing how the book was made. It really was fascinating to watch how much time, effort, and detail went into making each page ready to scribe. I wish they would have allowed photos because the illustrations are amazing!

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