This was the neigborhood we stayed in. It was so quaint and quiet and just outside the inner city.
Our second day consisted of an entire day driving around Ireland! We made a stop at the Cliffs of Moher and it was absolutely amazing.
Just exploring some run down buildings along the country side. This building was part of a cemetary.
This cute little fishing town had so much color!
I loved the way this building has taken to the elements. All the staining had such a cool effect on the brick and it reminded me of the castle from Beauty and the Beast.
The Dublin castle! So stunning and such attention to detail!
This was an old church hidden in the middle of the city! When we turned the corner I literally gasped because it was so big and beautiful. I couldn’t get a full photo of it so this will have to do. Ignore the hum laying next to it.
A shot from the Cliffs of Moher
Dakota trying to be cute and take a picture of me like that famous photographer couple haha
This was a bank. A BANK! I wish my bank was a castle.
The main entrance to Trinity College
The Long Room. So many anciet books here!
Where do YOU think we should next?