Let’s talk brows! Mine are not exactly “on fleek” as the kids say but they are pretty decent. Nowadays though eyebrows are so important and after not doing anything to them for a few weeks I decided they were a bit out of control and too uneven for me to rescue them with my little tweasers.
Sleek Brows is an amazing company that reconstructs eyebrows without use of pencils, stencils, powders, tatooing, or fibers and lasts for three weeks! Sounds too good to be true right? That’s because it is. It is individualized to your natural shape and your personality and long lasting. My really good friend Sara is an amazing master esthetician who also specializes in Sleek Brows so of course I called her right away.
BEFORE: As you can see there are so many tiny lines and my eyebrows are pretty thin.
AFTER: A bit more shape, thickness, and perfection! I love the color that Sara chose too because I have light hair and I always thought my eyebrows were a little dark.
The process: First Sara cleaned the area around my eye to make sure there was so makeup or dirt and then she threaded my eyebrows to get the little hairs and some of the shape. From there she free handed the 3D brows and now I have perfect brows!
Durability: I was really hesitant to wash my face the first night after I got them done because I didn’t believe that they were waterproof (silly me!). But they kept there shape and color and didn’t even remotely change. I was very amazed. Over the next few weeks I had to tweeze a couple little hairs but other than that they looked amazing! And even after a few weeks and they faded a way a little my eyebrows still looked way better than before.
I highly recommend contacting Sara or a Sleek Brows specialist in your area! You will not be disappointed.
For more information on Sleek Brows check out their website here and to contact Sara with questions or inquiries see below.
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0 thoughts on “Larsen Looks: Sleek Brows”

  1. Wow, what a difference that makes! I have never done threading or used 3D brows but I also have thinner eye brows (the hair just doesn't seem to want to fill in or grow thicker!) I most definitely am going to have to try this!

    xo, Laura @ Have Need Want

  2. I know right?? You really should check it out because it is quick and easy and long lasting. Plus it doesn't look like you drew on your eyebrows. Thanks for stopping by!