Welcome to this weeks link up! I love linking up and meeting new people each week and hearing what everyone has been up to. If this is your first week, welcome! Please check out the rules and reasons here.
What I loved about the past week
I’m not going to lie it was a pretty boring week for me. I worked literally every single day and when I wasn’t working I went home and Netflixed! Currently we are watching House and it is soo good! Where has this show been all my life?? It was kind of nice just coming home and doing nothing but I am looking forward to some serious adventure and friend time!
I also finally cleaned our nasty kitchen, our good friend Jayson moved back to Utah, and I did a huge closet clean out! Be sure to check back later for my post on how to organize your closet and make money off your old clothes!
What I learned the last week
That I need to be more patient. I have been feeling really stuck lately like I haven’t seen any progress after putting in so much work. But thankfullly the blogger community is so amazing and supportive! Sometimes it is hard putting work into something and not becoming a superstar overnight but I know with more patience and time I will reach my goals! See more of what I am talking about here.
Goal for the week
Work on my upcoming giveaway! I have a great giveaway in store for everyone and have not made the time to reach out to bloggers and organize everything and I really to. So this week hopefully I can get that all figured out. If there are any beauty bloggers out there that are interested in a giveaway please e-mail me!
What I’ve been daydreaming of
Sitting on a beach, eating snow cones, and completely tuning out! Working every day since getting home from Ireland was a really dumb idea. We are both getting burnt out and it has only been three weeks since our last vacation. That is so not okay! So for now I’ll just soak up every last bit of summer I can.
What I’m looking forward to
Watching Pretty Little Liars with my sister McKenna. She finally convinced me to watch it but we are going to watch it together! So it will make for a fun girls day at least once a week 🙂 Also Friday! Friday’s are the days that my other sister Morgan (who is serving a mission in New York) e-mails and sends pictures about her week! It’s like her own little What’s Up Wednesday!
Question of the week (in honor of school starting this week) What is your favorite school memory?
I honestly have sooo many! I can’t think of a single year I was in school that I don’t have a memory. I think i’ll go with one of my earliest memories from Kindergarden! I remember I was in Ms. Cosco’s class and I liked this boy named Valentino. I remember one day we were playing house during free time and Valentino and I got paired up to be the mom and dad (whoo!). I don’t really know exactly what happened next other than half of my beautiful long locks were on the floor and Valentino had scissors in his hands! Que the tears. I didn’t like him anymore.
Are you ready for school to start this week? Do you have any tips for back to school?


0 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday”

  1. Valentino sounds like a jerk! Haha, I wouldn't have liked him anymore either. I'm kind of in the same boat too about blogging–like I want to try to expand my blog but then I don't know if I could be patient enough. I know it doesn't happen overnight which is why I think I'd give up!

  2. What the heck, Valentino! Haha I'm glad you can laugh about that now because if it was me I would probably still be mad. Also, snow cones + the beach sounds amazing.

  3. He totally was! What was I thinking?? Being patient is really hard especially when I care so much about something but reminding myself I am seeing small but steady milestones with my blog helps me out 🙂

  4. Yeah I still get a little sad whenever I think about it but oh well what can you do! I love a good snowcone and summer is basically over and I still haven't had one 🙁 Maybe i'll do that today!

  5. I have been looking forward to watching PPL too lol I thought I was the only one!! Thanks for sharing your week… three weeks of straight work sounds like no fun compared to being on the beach eating snow cones!!