This picture should probably be on a magazine or billboard somewhere marketing for Disney. I mean look at it! Colorful, artistic, sends a message…perfect!
But honestly this picture honestly took me probably a solid 3 minutes to take. I rearranged the tickets a couple of times to get it just right and tried many different angles. I also made sure to paint my finger nails the night before because I knew I wanted this shot.
Mmm a delicious donut. Doesn’t it make you want one?? I’m so trendy and cool in front of this bright blue wall! But really though it’s a pretty good shot for national donut day and Fractured Prune featured this photo on their Instagram, so that was cool.
Truth is I hate donuts. I always have and probably always will. But as a blogger you can’t celebrate national donut day without a cool pic. So I got icing all over my hands and face (accidently) and stood next to a dumpster behind a nasty Del Taco for this photo. And I didn’t like the donut.
Just chilling here as I save a life. Something I do all the time and am totally comfortable donating blood. Plus how cute are my new sandals??
Just before this I was poke (I think 5 times) because they couldn’t get a good vein and I immediately bruised and tried not to pass out. Then because of my small size they said I couldn’t leave until I drank a whole thing of water and ate some snacks. Hence the reason the room looks so empty. You can hear the whole story here.
This candid picture brings back all the feels. Perfectly captures a great sister relationship and makes you miss your loved ones.
This was totally staged. We knew that once we dropped her off at the MTC we would get no time to say goodbyes so I decided to make everyone have fake goodbyes so that we could have cute photos (what is happening to the world??). So here we are in a parking lot hugging until my other sister says she got a cute one as we secretly laugh our heads off into each others shoulders.
I first saw this idea on the Daily Tay a while ago and loved it. She is one of my favorite bloggers to follow so be sure to check her out! I thought exposing the real story behind Instagram photos was so funny and clever and accurate! Everything needs to be so visually appealing these days and it takes so much effort to achieve that “perfect” Instagram photo.
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What’s the story behind your Instagram photos?

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  1. I know right? My whole life revolvs around getting that Instagram/Pinterest worthy shot haha it drives my husband nuts that I have to take a million pictures of the same thing just to make sure I got the right angle.

  2. Oh I love this documentary of your instalife! I always think about what would happen if everyone knew the whole story behind my posts and all the pictures I take that don't get posted!

  3. Oh Amanda you are too sweet! Your blog is seriously so cute I've been wanting to try your chicken taco recipe but haven't found the time yet haha I hope you still follow me on Instagram even though some of the photos are staged haha Thanks for stopping by 🙂