I got my first VoxBox from Influenster a couple of weeks ago and was so excited! I had no idea I was even getting one so let’s open it up and see what I got!
First up is the Touche Eclat Primer and I love it! I have used primers in the past and liked them but this one was amazing. All you need is a few small dots on your face to rub it in and you will have plenty. This primer also has a tiny bit of sparkle to it to add a little bit of extra glow to your face.
The very first day I used the primer I noticed a huge difference. I didn’t have to apply as much foundation and it lasted all day! I didn’t once go to the bathroom, glance in the mirror, and go “woah I need to freshen up!” Plus it smells good 🙂
Next up in my VoxBox was the YSL Touche Eclat Blur. Let’s all just take a moment and appreciate how cute this looks? I wouldn’t mind pulling this out in public and saying something fancy like “Oh I need to go to the powder room to freshen up”.
All cuteness aside I did not love the Blur. It is supposed to be paired with the primer to give you an even more smooth long lasting look but I prefered just using the primer. The blur is very thick and sticky and is applied with a cloth pad which made it even more difficult to put on my face. Plus if you are like me and use self tanner the thickness of the product makes it a little hard to spread amongst your face and can take off your self tanner.
Even though I wouldn’t keep the Blur I did still love how smooth my face looked when using the products together. My makeup lasted long so I always looked fresh and my skin looked so soft! If you have problems with uneven skin I would definetly reccomend this product.
What products do you love to keep your face looking fresh all day?

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  1. You should for sure! I don't always use primer but some days it's really nice to use and my skin looks soooo good! Let me know if you use it and what you think. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. I got that VoxBox too.. I am obsessed with the blur.. but you have to apply it with your fingertips and kind of pat it on until it becomes powdery and then it is AMAZING! (like soft focus filter in real life!) It doesnt work with that sponge they gave us, I dont know why they did that! ha!

  3. The YSL packaging is adorable! But I use mostly Mac products since I've tried so many brands already. I finally found the perfect combo for me: BB Mac Primer and Mac Studio Fix powder. Light and smooth finish.

  4. I've used MAC before as well and my mom is a hard core lover of MAC but it's just so pricey. I wouldn't even really actively buy YSL. I'm more of a Target kind of gal haha. But I'll have to try that studio fix! I know I like MAC just hate spending the money but this may be worth it