Blogging is a huge part of the current generation and it is continuing to grow more and more popular. Like all growing industries there are supporters and haters; and blogging is no different. I first started blogging years ago in a more journal like way to keep my extended family in the loop. Since then I have become a more serious blogger with ambitions and goals for my blog just like so many others. As a blogger I know and understand what other bloggers go through, but for those who just stand on the side lines enjoying the blogs they may not fully understand. So let’s take a look at common myths about bloggers that just aren’t true.
Bloggers are females: This is easily one of the biggest myths out there. Sure a good majority of bloggers are female but there are so many great male writers as well. Even couple bloggers! These guys do DIY, fashion, food, motivation, etc just like all the female bloggers you follow and they are just as talented! Man Made, Cup of Couple, and The Boy Who Bakes are all great examples of male bloggers.
Bloggers are Mom’s: Yet another common misconception. Mom’s are some of my favorite bloggers but there are so many bloggers out there! Single, young, father, married, they are all out there. Bloggers who are mom appeal to a big audience, sure. However you typically follow bloggers who are your same age and appeal to your same interests. So if you are a mom who loves to cook and come up with fun ideas for your kids to do during summer then yes, all bloggers are mom’s.
They think they know everything: Time and time again I’ve heard people make comments like “Oh your another one of those bloggers?” or “Did you see that so and so started a blog? Be prepared for their opinions being forced into your daily life”. Here’s the thing. Most bloggers are lifestyle which means they write about things in the media and do reviews on products/businesses. So yes they are going to share their opinions. This does not mean that they know everything. They are simply stating their opinion on something they care about that they feel their readers will enjoy. If you don’t agree then don’t read.
They have money: Often you see bloggers posting about a new outfit or makeup product or an amazing new recipe or a new DIY project and you can’t help but think to yourself “How do they do this every week/month??”. Blogging is a business so bloggers spend money to make money and then invest that into their business. They also do a lot of reviews on products that were given to them from companies because it is good marketing. So sure, they make look like they have money and some bloggers do make good money but it is a business after all and it takes a lot of time and effort to be successful.
They have amazing lives: Bloggers travel, go to fun events, have lots of friends, and always look fabulous right? Wrong. I promise every blogger has the same amount of stress and struggle as any other person. Bloggers often chose to write positive and entertaining posts because that is more appealing. But once in a while bloggers gets real with their readers and talk about their struggles. It can be hard to remember that the people you follow and maybe look up to are the same as you but I promise they are.
They are all “red” personalities: Bloggers must be disciplined, organized, and easily self motivated right? I mean how can they possibly handle all their crafts, blog posts, photography, friends, family, school without those skills? False. I know and have met a few bloggers who are super quiet and relaxed or really energetic and struggle to keep focus but they are just as good as anyone who is really disciplined. You don’t have to have an organized personality in order to be organized. If you love to do something you will make a schedule and a blog that works best for you!
It’s Easy: This is so false I can’t even explain! So much time and effort goes into every blog, Facebook, and Instagram post. I am always thinking about what to write about, when to post, researching, taking pictures for a “pinterest worthy” one, writing, and editing my posts. Then after we post something we have to market it which takes just as much time. You have to actively engage with readers and fellow bloggers, plan ahead, think about giveaways, and so much more! If you think it’s easy give it a try and then come tell me what I’m doing wrong!
Overall as a blogger it is easy to dwell on those negative comments and question why you started your blog. But you also have to remember all of those readers that do trust you and enjoy reading what you have to say. And besides, you wouldn’t have started to blog if you didn’t want to.
What other some other misconceptions you have heard about blogging?

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  1. All so true! Blogging is not easy and it truly is a full time job (if that's want you want). As far as being organized…I try my best but I could do better.

  2. You hit the nail on the head with this one! Just because we post about something, doesn't mean we are claiming to know everything about it! Heck, we're still human and we could even make a mistake in a post

  3. I love this post, mainly because so many of my friends and family don't understand blogging as career and these are the misconceptions I have to correct every time! Thanks for setting the record straight, girl!

    xo, Chelsie @ Life with Rosie

  4. Yes! I don't even do it full time and I am swamped. I am usually pretty organized but this takes a lot of self motivation which I really had to work on. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Exactly!! I think it just comes across that way because we actually talk about stuff and share it with the world rather than keeping it to ourselves. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  6. Oh that's so great! I'm glad you will be able to show it to people because it needs to be shared haha. So many people don't understand how difficult it really is. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. Anytime 🙂 It's so funny to me how people make so many assumptions when they have no idea what it's really like. We will just have to show them! Thanks for stopping by girl!

  8. So much truth here. I just started blogging a couple months ago and I'm already learning so much about the blogging world! The first thing I'm learning is that it takes SO much time. It's fun and worth it but boy is it time consuming! Love all these and hope more people can remember these things 🙂

  9. LOVE this post, lady! I started blogging a year and a half ago and it's amazing how HUGE this community is! Thanks for shining some light on the truths of it all … Especially the having money part! People would be shocked to know that my wardrobe budget (as a life + style blogger) is actually worked into my profit & loss statement every month!

    Chelcey |