I am revamping the blog and with that means I will no longer being doing the weekly link up. I’m really sad to see it go so I will still do the weekly questions it just won’t be a link up anymore. So now instead of What’s Up Wednesday I’ll be doing Keeping Up with the Larsen’s!
What I loved about the past week

I’m starting to think my life is boring because we haven’t been doing very much! We did go on a small hike in Pine Valley though. It was blazing hot but it was still so nice to get out of the house and up to my favorite place! We decided to do a completely new trail this time and even though it was kind of lame we still had fun.

I also purchased a dresser that I will be upgrading so be sure to check back to see the finished project! I have barely painted it and it already looks so much better! This week is also appreciation week at my job and the theme is superheros so I am looking forward to all the fun events and costume contests! I’m looking to win so wish me luck.

My little sister Morgan also left for New York on Monday to teach the people there about our church! I am beyond excited and proud of her. You can see what that is all about here. My dad was also in Vegas so he came up to say hi which was really nice! I haven’t seen him in far too long so it was great catching up and reflecting on old times.

What’s new
Dakota got an MRI on his leg last week because he has been in so much pain and nothing is working. Seriously guys we’ve tried it all. Stretching constantly throughout the day, ice and heat, pain meds, steriods, nothing helps. So we are hoping that the MRI will reveal something. We will see what happens with that on Thursday.

Dak also got a new position at work which we are both so excited about! He will be salary and Monday through Friday which means we get every night together! I am so excited to have my husband back because graves suck.

What I learned the past week
I am a Winter not a Summer. I love everything about Fall and Winter! The clothes, holidays, weather, things to do, food, seriously everything. I knew I always liked fall (I mean who doesn’t?) but I would chose that over summer any day. Plus I look so much better in fall colors and clothes. LBH.

Goal for the week
My goal last week was to put my ideas into actual posts for my blog and I have done really well with that. I haven’t shared them all yet but don’t worry, they are coming! My goal for this week is to decide what I want my niche to be. Yikes!

What I’ve been daydreaming of
Crafts! I don’t know why I don’t do them more because I love crafting. I usually do a lot of crafts around Christmas but Dakota and I are on a real craft kick right now and I think I want to make it a regular thing and have a page on my blog specifically for my crafts. What do you guys think?

What I’m looking forward to
Finishing my craft (hehe so excited but needs to be a secret for now) and Fall. Obviously!

What other questions should I incorporate to the weekly update? What do you think of the new blog design?

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  1. Love the new design! Sad to see the link up is now no more. Would you mind if I continue? I'll do a graphic and host my own link up? I will credit you for the post but maybe indicate that I'm going to continue with my own little variation.. Is that cool with you?