Everything is a popularity contest these days. When I interned at a local middle school I can’t tell you how many times I was asked or heard “How many Instagram followers do you have?” or “How many likes did you get on that photo?”. As a blogger getting a lot views and “likes” can be crucial to building your empire but getting 1,000 followers on social media sites doesn’t mean you will have 1,000 views/comments on your most recent blog post.

The difference between a fan is a follower is simple. Fans are interactive, loyal, take time to get to know you, and trust what you are telling them. Followers are simply what the word says; they follow you because they like your pictures and read some of your posts but leave it at that. Every single person is a follower and a fan. I know that I am a huge fan of certain bloggers like Something Devine, Shanndelier, The Daily Tay and many others but I’m a just a simple follower for hundreds of other people. These people may range from old high school friends to bloggers to celebrities.

As a blogger I want fans. I want people to interact with, give me feedback and validation, and motivate me. Without seeing comments or e-mail or likes from them I feel like a failure. I won’t know that I’m doing well or how to change without these amazing readers. There are five simple things you can do in order to get more fans than followers.

1. Rely on the golden rule! >>> If you want interaction you need to interact back. There is nothing better than getting a comment on your blog post so imagine how they would feel if you replied back.

2. Make it personal>>> Don’t be generic in your responses. Respond to what they are saying as if you were talking in person. You can also encourage them to add you on Snapchat to see a different less formal view of yourself. Build relationships with them because they want one with you! You can also ask your fans to submit questions for a Q&A session so that you are answering the questions they want to know.

3. Relate and talk to them>>> Figure out what kind of audience you have and appeal to them by discussing topics they can relate to. Also, don’t be afraid to mention your readers in your posts! If someone gave you a suggestion for a post mention them in your intro and give them credit. Or come up with a fun hashtag for your readers to use on Instagram and Twitter if they want to have a chat with you. A great example of this is Us the Duo. They have a hashtag that is #usthefamily which allows them to make their followers feel like they are part of the group and can easily reach out to them and connect with other fans.

4. Show appreciation>>> This is so important and can be so simple. Every once in a while do an appreciation post thanking your followers, friends, and family for being supportive and sticking around. It shows you know they are there and are wanting them to stick around.

5. Give back>>> What better way to reward your followers than with a nice giveaway! Giveaways are great because it encourages people, who already love your stuff, to reach out to others they think will love it as well. Plus it again shows how much you appreciate them and want them to benefit as much as you do from blogging.

What other ways can we interact? Have any of you seen positive results from interacting with your readers?

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  1. I love all of these ideas! I try to do these quite often, especially with giving/replying to comments. I just did a giveaway a couple of weeks ago and it was a lot of fun to send off that gift to someone I know reads my blog regularly. I haven't done an appreciation post in a while so thanks for the reminder! I can't wait to check out the blogs you linked. I love Shanndelier, so I'm sure the others are great too!

  2. Love this post! And I'm SO FLATTERED that you mentioned me with Hailey Devine and The Daily Tay!! Omg. I think this topic is so overlooked in the blogging world – everyone is just about getting more and more followers but those people aren't actually interested in what they have to say a lot of the time. I would much rather have less followers and have more of them be fans than the other way around!

  3. Lately I'm starting to get a bit turned off on some of the blogs I read because I comment and comment, and never get so much as a hello. And it's off-putting supporting people that clearly don't care where they came from and their roots. Being humble, you know?

  4. I love this! I never really thought about there being a difference between a follower and a fan, but there definitely is and we should all be blogging with the mind set to get fans, not just followers! This has totally shifted the way I'm going to approach blogging!

    xo, Chelsie @ Life with Rosie

  5. I'm glad you stopped by! I haven't done an appreciation post in a while either so it's a good reminder for myself as well. Love your blog! And Shannon you can creep all you want haha

  6. Wellll you are easily one of my favs! And that's not just because we've bonded over restraints haha But I totally agree with what your saying. It's so easy to look at numbers instead of the actual people behind the screen. They care so we should too!

  7. Yes!!! I can understand if someone has millions of followers because there is no way they could respond to every single person. But still acknowledging them and responding to a few can go a long way. They are the ones that got you to be big after all.

  8. I didn't really either until I noticed some “regulars” on the blog. I noticed that some people will comment on my blog/Instagram just to complete a task from a blogging group or something but that others follow, subscribe, comment etc. It was a big epiphany! Always great to have you Chelsie!

  9. I am just starting to get serious about blogging, and I found all of these tips very helpful. I don't really have many “regular” readers yet (well, other than my parents), but I am trying to be more intentional about being consistent and growing my audience. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I'm so glad to hear that! I honestly am still working on gaining followers and finding my niche. I'm glad you stopped by and were able to find something useful 🙂 Thanks for commenting and hope to see you again!

  11. What a wonderful topic to discuss: follower vs fan. I think what works well too is sharing just a little bit about your personal life with your readers. Not a lot…just a tad here and there. This shows them that there is a real live person behind the blog. This principle also applies to social media. As travel bloggers, on our IG travel account when we started revealing a little bit about ourselves via a few photos of family members here and there behind the scenes, our followers grew and more of them turned into fans. And while it's not always possible to reply to every single comment, my husband and I do our best to reply to as many as we can. 🙂

  12. This was such an amazing post! It really helped remind me the importance of interacting on the blogs that I read, as well as not taking the readers that I have for granted! Thanks so much for writing this!

  13. Historically I have been terrible at commenting on other blogs and I was always sad that I had so few comments. I've really learned the importance of commenting, especially when I really enjoyed the content. This is a great guide!

  14. It can get time consuming and you don't have to comment to every single comment but it does go a long way to reply or even leave a comment on someone else's post 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  15. This is amazing advise! And they are so true. Interaction with your fans is the best way to get people to come back. I tell people this all the time. Thanks for sharing!