Packing and planning for a trip can be very stressful and traveling abroad can be even more intimidating. More often than not people procrastinate until the day before to begin packing and end up forgetting things (guilty). People often spend more time researching things to do on their trips rather than spending some time on how to prepare for the actual travel portion of their trip.
As someone who travels a lot my husband and I have got packing pretty much down! Below are some tips to make your traveling more organized and easy.
Make a List
When I go somewhere I make a list of everything I need to bring and put two little square boxes next to each item. I check the first box once the item has been packed and once everything is checked off I put the list either in my suitcase or my purse to take with me. Then when we are heading home I pull the list out and make sure I pack everything that came and check it off in the other box. Something really simple but very effective.
Keep toiletries in your carry on at all times
Go to your local grocery store and buy the travel size version of everything you will use. My kit contains qtips, toothpaste, hairspray, dry shampoo, shampoo/conditioner, Advil, and a mirror. These items never leave my suitcase when I unpack so that way I never forget them. These are some of the most common items forgotten and even though they are cheap to replace it’s annoying to have to buy them on vacation – especially when out of the country. So pack them up and don’t let them leave! Plus they won’t get taken away from you during security checks.
Know your Airport
This is especially important if you have a connecting flight. Some airport are larger than others and if you have a really short layover and don’t know what gate your coming in on or where your next gate is you might not make it in time. Also some airports are busier than others so security can take a lot longer than you’re used too. It never hurts to have a little longer of a layover so that you can take a restroom break, grab some food, and get ready mentally ready for your next flight. Another good tip is to not use the first bathroom you see once you get off the plane. It is always the busiest no matter what country your in.
Dress simple
It took me a while to come up with my “go to” airport outfit. Leggings, a boyfriend tee, a light cardigan, and some boots are perfection for me. I still look good but am very cozy. The cardigan keeps me warm if needed but isn’t a hassle to carry around if I don’t need it. Going through security is a breeze because you don’t have to work about your shoes taking forever to take off or put on and you don’t have a million pockets to empty. I also bring a backpack that I can store my purse in! It counts towards your “personal item” and sometimes a purse just isn’t big enough. So bring a backpack that you can store stuff in and hide your purse in there too!
Bring Snacks and Fun
You would be surprised how many games you can actually play on an airplane and not annoy people around you. Most card games, catch phrase, I spy, and more. It is also a great time to catch up on reading, homework, or crochet! Snacks are also a huge plus because security won’t take them from you. Airports are sooo expensive and when your bored you eat so you might as well be prepared. And you never know if the in-flight meal is going to be good.
Unpack when you get Home
This is the most difficult part for me. The last thing I want to do when I get home from a long day of flying is unpack. I just want to cuddle up and sleep! But I know that if I don’t I probably never will get around to it until I absolutely have run out of clothes to wear. Unpacking usually takes about 5-10 minutes because you’re basically just throwing everything in the washing machine and then hiding your suitcase in your closet. You will feel better going to bed in a clean house I promise.

What do you take with you when you travel? What do you stress about the most?

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  1. Great tips! Especially the one about not using the first bathroom you see when you get off the plane, ha! I always find my next departing gate first, to make sure I know exactly where it's at, and then go and explore the airport, find food and read books in the bookstore. That way I know I won't get lost at the last minute.

  2. Amen on making lists…my husband and I did a five week trip to Europe last summer with just tiny little backpacks, and we made lists, practice packed, and then triple-checked to make sure we had everything before we left. I love the tip about dressing simply too. Backpacking through Europe taught us both so much about how little we actually need when we travel! As long as we're comfortable and relatively presentable (and who says a messy bun and boyfriend tee aren't presentable and pretty darn adorable?), then we're good to go. Glad to meet someone with a heart to travel too! 🙂

  3. I love this post! Traveling abroad is always a huge thing, so being prepared is so important! I love your go-to airport outfit! I think it sounds so cute and practical! 🙂

  4. That's a great idea! I never realize I have to use the restroom until we land though so that's like my first though haha but I like that you find your next gate before exploring the airport. We usually do too 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh man I don't know how you did that! Did you love it? I would love that! I love that you practice packed because that is something I would not thing of for something like backpacking. Genius! And comfortable but presentable is all I shoot for haha thank goodness the trend right now is boho and messy buns!

  6. Yes to all of this. But especially to the unpacking part; it's always the hardest for me! I think my best travel tip is to pack an extra battery pack to charge your phone. They don't take up too much space, and I find that I can wear my battery out pretty quickly during a long flight! Although, I've found many planes now have plugs right at the seat, which is awesome!

  7. These are good tips. I need to get some of those cases for my makeup and toiletries. When we were out of the country last time, some of my makeup spilled. My husband can always dress comfy to airports, but unfortunately I have to get all dressed up or else I get pulled over by security. Happens every time. 🙂 Can't wait to travel again! It's going to be great fun!

  8. Love this post!! I love the tip about keeping a few toiletries in your bag at all times… I always take stuff out and in and out and in lol and wow that's an easy way to forget things sometimes! We travel alllll the time and I just need to buckle down and make a little pack that I keep in my bag! Great tips!!! I just wrote a post on travel toiletries! You might like it! Love your blog girl!!
    Danielle Greco

  9. Although I don't travel internationally *nearly* as often as I'd like (or travel really anywhere for that matter!) I will need to remember this post for the next tie I do! I've gotten pretty good at packing and unpacking and recognizing “essentials” from all of the camping trips I've taken, but these are perfect. Awesome stuff, Chandler! 🙂

    – Conner

  10. Yes unpacking is so awful! But then when I don't I just trip over my suitcase every morning or dig through it trying to find my toothbrush haha. I also bring an extra battery for my camera but not my phone! I usually just keep a charger in my purse and one in my suitcase in case I lose one or one gets stolen (totally happened before). Thanks for sharing and stopping by!

  11. Oh no isn't that the worst? That's a good point that man can always dress comfy. The can just throw on a tshirt and jeans and be good, dumb boys. I have a friend that gets stopped every time she goes through an airport too and we always make sure of her because she is the nicest and sweetest person.

  12. I will have to check it out for sure! We try to travel a lot since I work for an airline so little tricks of the trade are always helpful to know. Safe travels and let me know if you need a travel buddy 🙂

  13. Thanks Conner! I hope you are doing well. I always see your cute posts on Instagram and it looks like you are always out having a blast 🙂 I'm glad you've gotten good at unpacking because I struuuugle with it haha