It has only been one week since I decided to stop doing the What’s Up Wednesday link up and I have already forgotten about it! So sorry it’s a little later than usual…So let’s do this!

What I loved about the past week
This last week was appreciation week at SkyWest and our department chose a Superhero theme! We decorated the whole department, had cardboard cut outs of big buff superhero’s, had a photo booth, and so much more! People even dressed up and everyone got their own superhero names. It was also a really relaxed work week so that made it even better.

I finally finished all of the priming and painting for the dresser I’m upgrading but hit a snag in some of the detail work I wanted to do. If anyone knows how to make paint not bleed through the stencil please let me know! I also went dress shopping with my little sister McKenna for her homecoming dress and we found the perfect one! It was a blast hanging out with her and getting excited for her first high school dance.

Dakota’s brother Chase also came home from his LDS mission so it was fun to pick him up at the airport and spend time with all of their family. We did a big brunch on Sunday and got to see all of Dakota’s family and they are a loud and fun group so we had fun!

What’s New
We got the results from Dakota’s MRI last Thursday. Readers digest version is that he has two moderate bulging disks. We have to go see a specialist since it’s in his back and he may need surgery to scrape the excess cartilage off. Think of it as a hamburger that is to big for the buns so it’s just sticking out. That’s what is happening to two of his disks. So for now he’s just on pain meds until we can see the doctor.

What I learned the past week
That people are selfish. I have been so amazingly disappointed in people over the past week! Rather than helping someone or being supportive or even just ignoring a situation they make it about themselves. I know, kind of a buzz kill sorry but it just reminded me that everyone’s actions and words affect other people even if they aren’t directly involved. We need to be mindful of the relationships we are in and how they can affect them when we say or do things. But more on that later.

Goal for the week
So my goal for last week was to really focus on what I want my niche to be. And I got no where. Last week I wrote a lot about how to be a great blogger and other things like that and this week all I want to do is talk about raw emotions and inspiration! Guess I’ll just be well rounded. My goal for this week is to fill a couple of my sponsor spots so if you would like to be sponsored check out my Advertise page. Use the code NEWLIFE to get 10% off any of my ad spots!

What I’ve been daydreaming of
Pot stickers and curry. Yeah I know super strange but I had some amazing pot stickers a couple of weeks ago and it’s all I want to eat! Combine that with some delicious yellow curry and you have the best meal of your life!

What I’m looking forward to
My trip to San Antonio at the end of the month! My friend Sara recently moved there and I am going to visit and can’t be more excited. We are going to have a blast and it will be like an early birthday present 🙂

How was your week? Did you meet your weekly goals or do anything really fun?

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  1. I totally want potstickers now! I feel like I've never really found my niche either. I consider myself a life and style blogger and I feel like that just gives me a big umbrella to write about whatever I want.

  2. You've picked the perfect time to go to San Antonio! I'm so glad Texas is (mostly) out of the triple digits. The last time I was there it was ridiculously hot so I'm jealous you'll get to walk along the River Walk in nicer weather. Have fun!

  3. I half met my goals. My goal was to clean some clutter out of my bedroom and set up my social media accounts for my new business. I set up the accounts, but now I have to work on the branding and I started cleaning, but I need to go back and complete that as well.

  4. That is good to hear because I am not excited about the humidity. I live where its about 100 year round so the heat doesn't scare me but the humidity does haha so hopefully it isn't too bad! But I am beyond excited to go it's been on my bucket list for a while.

  5. Yes lifestyle fits me really well right now and I just need to accept that. Sometimes I want to just focus on one topic but I get bored and want to talk about everything so I'll just stick with lifestyle 🙂

  6. That is so great! Setting up all of my social media accounts took me a while and then you have to build it but I love having them all separate! Best of luck to you on that, I'm still detailing all mine 🙂

  7. I love your honesty here! It's so hard when people disappoint us and do hurtful or selfish things. I'm sorry you had a lot of that this week! And I'm right there with you on the niche. I think I'm a faith-based lifestyle blogger and just hope that encompasses everything! :0

  8. Yes it does but thankfully I know it's nothing personal and it's their decision to act that way. I would definitely say I'm a lifestyle blogger as well but sometimes I just want to write about one thing. But then I know I would get bored so I just need to accept that I'm lifestyle haha Thanks for stopping by 🙂