Epic fail on my part because I missed last week! It has just been so insanely busy for me I have barely had any time to blog or respond to emails or even eat food some days! Don’t worry I still ate food, I love food too much to forget about it. So this update will be for the last two weeks so sit down, relax, and don’t hate me for such a long post!
What I loved about the past week
I loved the rainy weather! Even though when it rains it is still 80 degrees outside it’s still cooler than the average 100 degree weather and it is just a little taste of fall 🙂 I’ve been in total summer denial by wearing cardigans and eating soup every day but I don’t care I want summer gone.
We also had a fun game night with our friends which was much needed. We played Cards Against Humanity and if you haven’t played it you absolutely need to! I also got my hair done by the amazing Evan and he is slowly making my white hair dreams come true 🙂
I started training a new person at work this past week as well and he is doing great! For my first time training I think I got lucky because he catches on to things really quick and isn’t afraid to ask questions which is nice. Another fun thing I did the past week was I had a photo shoot with a bunch of models and photographers and we had a blast! I will be doing a post completely dedicated post on that once I get more photos back so look for that. AND I was also nominated for the Liebster award!! Insert happy dance here. You can find out more about that awesomeness here.
What’s new
This past week I applied for two new positions at work. One is a “shift lead” which is the equivalent to being a supervisor and the other one is another scheduling position (IOE scheduler) and its just a bit more challenging and specific. There is some competition for both and I would be happy to get either one so we will see what happens. I have my interview for the IOE scheduler tomorrow and that is the one I really want so send positive vibes my way!
I am also so excited to introduce you to the amazing Lexi from A Blissful Haven this week! She is my newest sponsor so she will be around a lot this next month so be sure to check out her page, send her some love, and come back here to learn more about her.
What I learned the past week
That I do not like to do “nothing”. On Saturday I got off work early and all I wanted to do was just relax, enjoy not being at work, and nap. After about an hour of unsuccessfully napping I started getting so angry! My husband was peacefully napping in the other room and he needed the sleep so I didn’t want to wake him but I was soooo bored and Netflix can only entertain for so long. Thankfully my sister got off work and we were able to hang out. But I never really realized how much I hate being inside (especially in the dark) or not having a busy schedule.
Goal for the week
My goal last week was to fill my sponsor spots and that didn’t go very well so that was a bit discouraging but it will come when it does! My goal this week is to get a routine. I’m a busy person and function the best when I have my day planned out so when I don’t schedule things like chores or making a legit dinner I will forget to do them. So I intend to plan time for those things and follow through so wish me luck!
What I’ve been daydreaming of
A vacation. Specifically one on a sandy beach or a lake or in the mountains away from work, stress, and computers. At work I am on a computer all day and then I come home and blog or catch up on social media and I’m starting to get sick of it. I just need a few days of unplugging and taking care of me. If you read my last update you’ll remember I was planning on going to San Antonio next week but sadly those plans fell through so I will need to find another place to relax for my 5 days off! Wish me luck and suggestions are greatly appreciated 🙂

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