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I finally got my first DailyLook box the other day and I felt like Christmas came early! DailyLook is a great company that allows you to just shop or be involved in their elite box. The elite box is similar to the Ipsy Bag or Rocksbox where you are set up with a designer, answer style questions, and pay a small subscription to receive clothes, shoes, and accessories. Once you get your box you can chose to keep the items or return them. Pretty amazing right?

**Also a HUGE shoutout to Lexi Bowler who did my makeup including my amazing brows using Sleek Brows. Be sure to check out my post here about the amazing Sleek Brow experience and how I have perfect brows for 4 weeks!

White long Sleeve Bodycon Mid dress: $64.99 Returned
Circus by Sam Edleman Maddy Ankle Cuff Heels: $79.00 Returned
I loved this dress! I thought it was something that could be dolled up or even something to wear to the office. It was a little low cut for my comfort and it also had a pretty large slit on the front as well. Even though it was really comfortable, flattering, and beautiful I know I wouldn’t ever wear it.
The shoes were totally something I would never think to buy but I gave them a shot and I really liked them! I loved the cuff around the ankle and that they were white. They were a little too tall and fancy for my taste and pretty uncomfortable (that could just be my lack of wearing heels) so I returned these as well.
Six Crisp Days Open Trousers: $76.00 Returned
These pants reminded me so much of Cara Loren and I love her style so I was really excited to put them on. They fit really well and were super light and comfortable. However I am more of a skinny jean type person so I also wouldn’t wear these.
Benny Andrews Collared Button Down: $44.99 Returned
I’m not one for button up shirts but this one was really cute! I really liked the fit because it was snug around my wrists but loose in the actual body which was just my style. It was also pretty light so I could wear it even when it is still 90 degrees outside. I really debated keeping this one but I have never liked button up shirts for more than a week so based on my track record I returned it.
Olive & Oak Sleeveless Striped Maxi Dress: $66.99 Returned
This dress was sooo cute and I couldn’t wait to try it on! I have been on the look out for a good maxi dress too so I was hoping it looked good on. Thankfully it did and I love the pattern of the dress however, it was insanely staticy. It was really hard to take a picture because the bottom kept sticking to my legs! It was driving me crazy. Also the straps in the back were really loose on my small frame so it didn’t look to great from the back.
Keepsake Stolen Hearts Satin Top: $162.99 Returned
I love the color of this top so much! And I’ve always wanted to try a peplum top so I was excited for this piece. And I could just see myself at a concert totally rocking this outfit! Sadly, the fit was too small (I couldn’t zip the back up all the way) so even though it gave lots of support it was tight on my rib cage. It also had a really low cut which I just am not comfortable with.
Which outfit was your favorite? Do you have a favorite subscription box?

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  1. You look great in everything! I think the white dress looks amazing on you – but I understand not having much occasion to wear it. I could never do that because I'm too messy, I would definitely spill on an all white dress!

  2. Wow. You looked amazing in all those outfits. I really liked the teal top at the end…super cute. I also loved the detail of the back of the striped dress. It's a bummer when you like stuff, but know that you'll never wear it. At least you have the good sense to return it, instead of letting it just take up space in your closet.

  3. Dang girl. Why are you so attractive? That white dress is killer but I would be terrified of getting it dirty and you're right, there's no really good place/time to wear it. I feel like you should have kept the heels though. Just saying. 😉

  4. OH thank you 🙂 I liked the teal top too but I think I would like it a little more if I had slightly bigger girls haha. I almost kept the striped dress but I am not a dress person at all so I wouldn't wear it. Hopefully next month i'll keep something!

  5. Ooh stop!! I didn't even think about how the white would get dirty! Duh. Just one more reason to return it even though it's gorgeous and I felt so grown up in it! I liked the heels but I would never wear them and I just sit at an office all day so no one would see them and those shoes should be seen!