What I loved about the past week
I figured out how to make the design work for my project! My original idea just was not working out no matter how hard I tried so I brainstormed and got a new idea and it is so much better!! See the sneak peak below 🙂 I also got my first DailyLook box and it was so fabulous. You can check out all the styles and thoughts here. I also planned a trip to Disneyland since my San Antonio trip fell through and we are leaving today! I can’t wait for a much needed break.
I also got the job I applied for! I am so excited for my new schedule and position so thank you everyone who sent positive vibes my way it really helped.
What’s new
I started training a new person at work and that has been exciting and challenging all at the same time. I also got a new position at work! I will be working with new hire pilots and setting up their training among other things. I am excited for the opportunity, the new schedule, and hopefully less stress!
What I learned last week
That I have a hard time saying “no”. I have this weird mentality where I feel like I need to lighten the load of others around me because I care about them but in the end I end up forgetting about myself. It is something I am aware of it is just a matter of actually following through!
What I’ve been daydreaming of
DISNEYLAND! My friend and I just decided to go last minute and it is all I have really been thinking about. I can’t wait to just goof off and have fun. Also having all of my DIY projects done would be nice. Maybe one day 🙂
Goal for the week
Last weeks goal was to fill my up some of my sponsor spots and I did do a couple which was great! I love being able to work with people and help each other out. My goal this week is to be patient and understand that everyone learns differently.
What I’m looking forward to
Fall! It is still about 90 degrees here in Utah so it doesn’t feel like fall in anyway. I am doing a great mail swap with the Blog Passion Project group so that will hopefully get me more in the mood. I am also looking forward to some upcoming collaborations and my birthday 🙂
What have you been up to? Anything exciting you would like to share with me!

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  1. That project looks so cool! I'm excited to see the finished product. I've always admired people who can use stencils but haven't ventured into that myself! And Disneyland is so fun! I grew up about 15 minutes from Disneyland and actually worked in Downtown Disney in high school. Let me know if you need any tips! 😉

  2. Me too! Hopefully it will be done this week. I have a few different projects to finish so maybe it will all work out! I'm jealous you worked in downtown Disney. I just got a season pass and can't wait to use it!