The weather is cooling off, leaves are changing color, my birthday is a few weeks away, and soup is on the stove! I love this time of year!! Perfect weather, amazing outfits, and lots of events and holidays to decorate for. Crafting isn’t my forte exactly but when I get the itch to craft I can’t stop. I’ve been in the middle of three different projects the last few weeks but today I decided to do a smaller project and make a wreath for Halloween!
This was my friend Ashley’s wreath. She is obviously way more crafty than me!

This project was really easy, cheap, and now I finally have some decorations up! Plus I got to make it with my sister and friend Ashley which makes everything better 🙂

What you’ll need is:
-A blank wreath (I used a metal one and it was hard! I would recommend a wood or foam wreath)
-Leaves/Flowers of choice
-Any other decorative item you wish to include
-Hot glue gun
-Wire cutters
-1 to 2 hours of your time

How to put it together:
-Start by building your wreath by applying the leaves and flowers with hot glue. You will need to use your wire cutters to cut the leaves off the stem to be able to manipulate the placement how you want.
-Every so often throw in a different color or special item
-Continue this process until the entire wreath is covered and full to your liking
-Add any extra pieces you have left throughout the entire wreath to add dimension and creativity
**I added my spider web by just using fishing wire to hang it from the top and than hot glued the bottom of the web to the wreath**

What project should I do next? Do you have any projects you’ve recently done? Put your link below and I will check them out!

0 thoughts on “DIY Halloween Wreath”

  1. So fun and creative! I tend to stick more with fall decorations over Halloween, but I have a feeling once we have kids will start to do more fun Halloween stuff like this. Good work! 🙂

  2. I had no idea that it wasn't? Personally I am more likely to decorate for fall rather than Halloween but since it is still 90 degrees here decorating for fall just didn't make sense haha. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. I usually do too but since it it doesn't get cold until about mid November here I just don't feel like I can decorate for fall. I agree with you though; once we have kids we will be way more into Halloween decor 🙂

  4. K this is awesome! I'm so jealous of your craftiness. I bought a sign that says “Happy Halloween” from Target and hung it on our door, haha. Not quite the same.