There are a lot of different influences in my life that keep me inspired but there are 7 people that inspire me on a daily basis. I have never had one person that I have looked up to because so many people motivate and inspire me but in different ways. Each person brings different experiences and values to their advice and that is what makes them so influential.

My husband is one of my biggest influences. He keeps me so grounded and is incredibly supportive no matter what. He reminds me that I am beautiful, smart, and a hard worker and he never lets me forget it.

My mom has always been a huge example to me. She is incredible patient and strong! She has shown me to look for the good in everyone and that a simple conversation with no distractions can be truly powerful.

My mother in law Jaci is one of the strongest woman I know. She gives so effortlessly, always puts others first, and knows that God is watching over her.

My sisters remind me to stay young and naive. They remind me to chase my dreams, that I’ll be a good mom, and that baking cookies/watching Netflix with good company can clear my cloudy mind.

My friends are consistent and supportive. They remind me that my problems and concerns are normal and make me feel like I am a part of an exclusive fun. They keep me laughing and remind me that solitude is unhealthy.

My readers keep me going. Without their encouraging comments on posts, retweets, emails, etc. I wouldn’t feel like my blog or voice was important; but to them it is.

There are so many other influences in my life (other people, church, music, etc.) but these groups and individuals are my daily keystones and I am forever grateful for them in my life.

Who or what influences your life?

0 thoughts on “October Challenge – 7 People who Influence Me”

  1. Love your list!! I have many people that inspire me but if I had to pick my top three it would be my parents, my siblings, and my boyfriend. Great post! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love that you added your readers! I can't stop people who barely acknowledge their readers of their blog. If it weren't for their readers, they wouldn't have a blog! Great post 🙂

  3. Haha those are some influential people but like you said the people closest to me really keep me going and know me personally. I have “celebrity” figures I look up to but these are my go to people 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  4. I totally agree! And they truly do influence me. I love getting comments and knowing that there are real people out there listening to me and following my blog. They make me better but also challenge me! Thanks for your input Chelsea 🙂